Trim Station Fully Loaded

SKU: 21798-MJP

Trim Station Fully Loaded: The “herb-o-nomically correct” fully loaded trim station brings organization, efficiency, and comfort to your trim operations. Whether you’re a righty or lefty, this trim station offers you an ergonomically enhanced trim experience with sleek simplicity. The tray boasts 2 x 0.5 pound storage bags so you can keep your cut and uncut grow segregated while a central basin funnels your schwag into a disposal catch bag that attaches directly to the tray. The disposal catch offers an optional “green screen” that prevents buds from accidentally joining the schwag. Every detail’s been thought of from a compartment to soak your shears in cleaning solution to a drink holder so you can stay hydrated through lengthy trim sessions. The trim station also presents an accessory well for any additional tools, a cell phone dock to keep you in the loop while you’re trimming, and grease sponges for cleaning your shears that tuck neatly into a corresponding compartment. The ergonomically designed tray features wrist pads, wrist rest contours and leg contours, but if you’re not feeling the lap trim style, you can take advantage of the included tray stand. With an adjustable neck, you can pick the perfect height that works for you. The stand also allows for the use of the “bud beam”, an included light source that allows you to catch the finest details in your trimming work. Increase your efficiency in comfort with the fully loaded trim station.

All Fully Loaded Trim Stations include the following: 

  • Lap tray
  • Stand
  • Bud beam
  • Wrist rests
  • Starter kit
  • Color: Green

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