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Blister Packaging Clamshell - Fits 1ml Vape Cartridge - No Inserts - cartridge not included

SKU: bpcr1g-cr-can

The blister packaging is Intended for vaporizer cartridges, blister packaging fits cartridge size of 1ml and come in units of 200 per case. The strong durable product is made from polypropylene plastics and is light weight, ideal for storing vape cartridges and it allows you to insert your custom company logos and specs of your product. 

Be sure to contact us at marijuanasupplynetworks@gmail.com for your custom made insert cards or packaging labels.  

  • As Low as $0.21 per unit
  • 1000 units per case
  • Material: Plastic
  • Fits: 1ml cartridge 85mm x 10mm
  • No cardboard

**Vaporizer Cartridge NOT INCLUDED**

Card Size 2.6" x 3.6"- Inserts Cards available for Custom printing along with larger quantities  quotes, Email is at  marijuanasupplynetworks@gmail.com


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