Buttonless Vaporizer Glass Cartridge w/ 1.6mm Hole - 1ml

SKU: 43053-MJP-1

These Buttonless Vaporizer Cartridge with high quality glass is perfect for your 1.6mm Hole vape pen cartridge replacement with no lack of efficiency and quality. The cartridge is designed for a top grade glass syringe which is easy to clean and perfectly hygienic for your needs. The reinforcement of the silver frame adds ensuring the vape pen refill cartridge and fits perfectly with your portable vaporizer. Measuring at 1ml, the cartridge offers a 1.6mm oil hole. An accommodating mouthpiece is included for your convenience.


  • Size: 1ml
  • Oil hole size: 1.6mm
  • Glass syringe
  • Mouth piece included
  • Refill cartridge
  • Color: Silver 

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