1Nt-Self Seal Child Resistant Resalable 3.5g Tin Weed Cans

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1Nt-Self Seal Child Resistant Resalable 3.5g Tin Weed Cans
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Our Child-resistant resealable cans are smaller than all the rest but will hold just as much. This 100ml Pressitins is the perfect size for storing 3.5g of the flower. To seal the tin you push the base plate (bottom of the tin) into the body of the can firmly until it clicks into place. To open, you pull the ring pull Custom labels for tins and lids are available or we do have some stock ones to choose from.  The Child Resistant ring is applied to the can with no tools.  Once installed the reusable lid is put on and must be lined up with the arrow to remove. This is what makes it resealable and child resistant. 

No tools are needed for these Tins to seal and provide tamper-evident child-safe packaging. 

 100ml 60*29mm Tin Can for 3.5g Tobacco, flower, or Edibles.

 Weed cans Details:
1, Push in base & pull ring opening.
2, Coated in a food-safe lacquer 
3, Diameter at widest point: 70mm
4, Product Height: 25.4mm
5, Re-sealing lids available, in black or white. 

 Custom printing MQO 5000

Large quantity discounts are as low as $.95 cents without stickers. 

Contact us today for a quote: info@msnpackaging.com



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