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Ceramic Tip Vaporizer Glass Cartridge Refillable 100 count Verified Vapes

SKU: 43541-100-MJP-1

Full ceramic Certified lab tested, with our pod system and also our tamper resistant mouthpiece for our glass cartridges and disposables. Verified® Vapes ISO-certified cartridge that has been manufactured in facilities that meet GMP standards verifying all aspects of the input supply, including glass, ceramics and metals. All Verified® Vapes products exceed North America standards testing of heavy metals and leads, assuring brands' confidence in this product. Verified Vapes® premier vape cartridges feature anti-counterfeit measures, including; certificates of authenticity, and tamper proof stickers and seals. Each component has been carefully selected to provide a safe, consistently smooth vaping experience for consumers.


Why we are different:

- We are based in North America                                                        cid:image001.jpg@01D59FC1.752437B0

- No supply disruptions, our manufacturing partner has been carefully selected to make sure it can keep up with market demand.

- We fully control the supply chain and our products are assembled in an ISO/GMO factory.

- Fast lead times, for large volume/custom orders 3-4 weeks lead time compared to ccell’s 6-8 week.

- Canadian / USA (California) warehousing

- Better price point then ccell.

- Extremely low failure rate, 1/2000

- Lead free testing (coa’s available)

- Verified® products are designed for quality and reliability.

request quote for large quantities. info@msnpackaging.com 

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