Child Resistant White Opaque Glass Concentrate Container


New 2018 White Glass State compliant CR lids Ideal for storing medical concentrates, waxes, and oils, these 5 & 9ml child resistant glass containers are a classy, innovative way to manage your dabs. Featuring the child resistant push-and-turn sealing lids, these concentrate containers keep products out of the hands of children while keeping the contents fresh for your ultimate dabbing pleasure. In conclusion  the ultra-hygienic glass design renders concentrates easy to handle with no mess. 

  • Capacity:  9ml
  • Material: White Opaque Glass
  • Child resistant 
  • White lids Non Certified or Certified
  • Usage: Concentrates

     Prices: Certified as low as  9ml - .78ea

     9ml Dimensions of container: Lid Circumference - 1.69" inches or 42.92 MM   Glass bottom of container safe zone for label is 1.25" or 31.75mm - Height is 1" inch or 25.4mm

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