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6ml Glass Container 1 Gram - Push down Silicone -White, Black or Clear Lids


New round-based 6ml ultimate glass concentrate container is light, strong, and has a leak-proof pushdown silicone cap that is very secure with easy access and closing ability. This gold standard Glass is one of the most cost-effective ways to store your perfect type of concentrate whether it be wax, shatter, or cake. 

Perfect for 1 gram of concentrated medicine with a choice  White solid color opaque or a clear lid.

Be sure to contact us at marijuanasupplynetworks@gmail.com for your custom made insert cards or packaging labels. 

This product is normally sold with blister packaging: BLISTER PACKAGING FOR 6ML GLASS CONTAINER- 250 COUNT


Height of Jar:   .83″

The diameter of the Jar: .83″

1008 per Case


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