Smell Safe Hard Case - Olive - SET OF 5

SKU: 22976-MJP

This Hard Smell Safe Case from Ryot keeps smells under wrap and medicine under protection. How many times have you hopped on the bus or train wondering who can smell that loud in your pocket? This 6” x 3.5” hard shell case uses state-of-the-art odor blocking technology, including special antimicrobial microfibers, to silence the most violent of strains. But this case is also a perfect way to travel with your gear, offering a generous internal pocket augmented with a removal fresh pod, and the extra cushioning of soft wall memory padding for glass pieces and sensitive vape pens. There’s even an external zipper closure for accessories like grinders or rolling papers. The rugged heavy duty molded shell instills confidence even if your case should take a tumble. It even includes a 2.25” quick clip carabiner so you can attach the case to your belt loop or pocket for added security.


  • Size: 6" x 3.5" inches
  • Odor blocking technology
  • Antimicrobial microfibers
  • Soft wall memory padding
  • Heavy duty Molded shell
  • Removable fresh pod
  • Interior pocket
  • External zipper closure
  • 2.25" Quick clip carabiner
  • Brand: Ryot
  • Color: Olive

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