MSN Packaging Link About

MSN Packaging Inc is a company that strives to better the world of Cannabis.  As a company we believe in the benefits of this plant and believe the industry is important for the worlds Medical and Mental Health future, let’s not forget Mother Earth itself  a God given resource to better all. We believe that hemp is our future for The USA to bring back manufacturing and clean energy's  

MSN Packaging started in Idaho in 2017, but once Idaho's senate signed a forever band on medical cannabis I new we had to leave, with our move in 2021 to Oregon our goal is growth with better opportunities for networking. We are developing a new Product line for Cold Storage cannabis like Ice cream and butters.

Supporting our customers in the industry is most important, MSN Packaging is your liaison to direct manufacturing, when you make money, we make money.  When you hire Marijuana Supply networks you will receive the highest quality in customer service.  We pride ourselves on quick responses.   We negotiate on your behalf for the most advantageous market prices to save you money and expand your margins.