2021 San Francisco Cannabis Infused Drink Expo and What we Learned.

2021 San Francisco Cannabis Infused Drink Expo and What we Learned.

What a great time we had meeting venders and supplies, Learning more about what it takes to help our customer succeed in the Cannabis Infused Drink Market.

Weather you are looking for , Glass or Aluminum there are many options for your sustainable packaging needs. What we have found is , the Most Popular Option is the Aluminum can, because of the low cost of printing custom brands direct on the product, even with the loss of damage in line production, it is  much lower in cost especially the labor cost of hands on with installing the sleeves. This is the best route for large volume SKU's  But because you can purchase the Minimum of 100k non printed cans and ends with as low as 1000 in sleeves per SKU, the can is very versatile for your cost effective presentation of your product and for your new product lines to produce. 

What we did find is the cost can be a shock if you do not do the proper research on what your options are. From Farm to Table options with filling machines for the do it yourselfer or Filling companies that can do it for you all the way to sleeve installation and packaging distribution ready.   (Aluminum Cans and Sleeves are customer provided.) Which is were we come in.   From large to small quantities for Sleeve and custom designs for your brands MSN Packaging can help you get started. 

Here are some of the Companies we saw at the Expos and recommend for your Cannabis filling needs in the California region. 

Manufactures for Filling and Sleeve Machines.



Cannabis Beverage Processing Machines


 Aluminum Cans , Glass Bottles, or Plastic Completely Recyclable Bottles



Aluminum Liners are a big Concern.

MSN Packaging has a direct line of communication with the PPG Inner liner Specialist and have great confidence that the Cannabis testing for the liners have passed the necessary test for the US Markets. 

Current Liners Used:

PPG2012-820/C and  PPG2012-820/E(sold in Europe and Asia Pacific)

PPG2012823, PPG2012823B, PPG2012827B (sold in USA and Central America)

 Discontinued USA code = PPG2012824 (if someone asks for this now, they should use PPG2012827B instead)


 Get a quote today for your Cannabis Infused Drink Lines: 


Written by Stacey Lukac , MSN Packaging Inc. 



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