2021 Top 5 Cannabis Outer Packaging ideas Cost Effective and Sustainable

Custom boxes for concentrates and Cannabis flower products

2021 Top 5 Cost Effective and Sustainable Cannabis Outer Packaging ideas. 

 Compliance before Design is your first concern when planning your packaging.  For most states there are Child Resistant requirements and will be a higher burden in cost but there are ways to help with lowering the price and keeping your cost effective for your profit margins.  Planning ahead and purchasing in large value is the most cost effective why to keep your margins high. 

Load image into Gallery viewer, Child Resistant zipper lock smell proof cannabis bags. - Custom printed and Resealable - MSN Packaging LLC




#1 - Most cost effective is the Mylar bag, Full color bags can be purchased at a very minimal cost with all the Certification needed for your state compliance.  MQO are 10,000  which helps keep the cost down per unit on custom made packaging.  To make this a sustainable ask about the Kraft CR bags. 




                                              #2. Blister for almost any Product

but best for Vape cartridges.  This product is a manual application and seals with no heat, a plus for your waxes and liquids as you know adding heat will change the composition on the product.  Dispensaries' also like this for an outer packaging for convince of display: https://www.msnpackaging.com/products/blister-cards-no-heat-seal-clam-shell?_pos=2&_psq=blister&_ss=e&_v=1.0





#3 Non Child Resistant Multi pack pre rolls.( not available for all states) 

The cigar style blunt boxes are low in cost but make a great multi pack with or without an insert , fits 7 t0 10 gram pre-rolls. 



See Child Resistant boxes and tins for Compliance:  https://www.msnpackaging.com/products/child-resistant-multi-pack-pre-roll-boxes?_pos=6&_sid=344bfa831&_ss=r




#4 Glass jars for flower in small quantities can be expensive, up your volume and bring elegance to your brand.  Stand out with a Custom printed jar.  What makes a custom printed jar cost effective is the labor reduction in your production line.  Less hands on the  product. No labeling. 


For lower quantiles you will want labels and to make it sustainable make sure the glass is always painted.  Full color glass is not as sustainable for the environment. 



#5 Non Child Resistant boxes.  With your concentrate already in a Child resistant container you can choose the outbox with unique designs and colors. there are many options, for your products in a box form with hanging or stacking capabilities.  Odd shapes like my favorite Wild's gummy boxes.  Foiling or Embossing with the right packaging company will not cost you an arm and a leg.   Get creative with your designs and stand out from the masses. 


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