Alaska - Montana - New York - Utah

Aug 15 , 2017


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Alaska - Montana - New York - Utah

ALASKA:  The Wholesale business is taking off! Nine new cultivators reported sales in June along with the the already established cultivators but the state is still having problems keeping up with the demands.  Retailers and infused product manufacturers purchased a record 860 pounds of cannabis in June, an 87% increase from May. It marks the strongest month of wholesale marijuana sales since Alaska rolled out its recreational marijuana program last October.

All tax revenue the state collects from its recreational marijuana program comes from cultivators, which pay a flat tax of $800 per pound of flower and $240 per pound of trim when it’s sold or transferred to retailers or infused product manufacturers. 


MONTANA: Cannabis registration more then doubles between December and July with a total registration so far of 17,819 patients.  This is quite encouraging for the new cultivators and dispensaries in the region. Montana has also issued effective as of June 30th 2017 temporary rules for the medical industry.


NEW YORK: On August 23rd New York's Department of Health will be releasing their additional changes to the state's medical marijuana industry. Once the rules are released the public will have 30 days to comply.  The New proposal is looking pretty positive in the forms of medicine that will be allowed. Topicals, Chewable lozenges as well as some non-smokable forms of ground plant material options for your medical needs.


UTAH: One step closer to putting in the ballot for 2018 elections.  I honestly believed utah would be the last state to come on board but the program is moving forward.  Although it is a step in the right direction they still need to work on what is legal and not . According to the newspaper under the new terms smoking cannabis will still be banned but production and sales of oils, edibles, topicals and vaping supplies would be allowed. Who rights these bills? You can buy a vape pin but can't smoke it? Sounds like they still have some work to do!




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