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Why Child-Resistant Packaging is the Answer to the Safe Use and Distribution of Cannabis Products


All over the United States, consumers are finally getting the fantastic mental health benefits of cannabis-related products. It seems every new voting cycle, there is one more state joining the majority in enjoying both the reduction in unwarranted criminal convictions for marijuana, but also the financial boost to the local economy by permitting what is essentially a cash crop. Seems like a win-win, right?


Unfortunately, like many new industries, some growing pains need to be acknowledged and problem solved. Right now, the number of incidents in children under the age of 6 accidentally consuming edible cannabis is on the rise. There was a 1,375% increase in this activity between 2017 to 2021, and it can be attributed to some pretty straightforward reasons:


  • Edibles often come in attractive forms, like colorful candies or gummies.
  • These are often sold in non-child-resistant packaging for safety because it's assumed only adults are purchasing them.
  • The availability of these products is on the rise due to more states legalizing cannabis.


So, from this information, we can clearly see the problem is retailers, growers, and suppliers all need to embrace the power of child-safe packaging to ensure children safety. While it is true the security procedures at the point of purchase are going extremely well, more needs to be done once these products go from retail shops to private homes. That isn’t to discount the need for parents to store their marijuana items far from the reach of little hands, but we need to strike a balance. Even the best parent in the world is going to have an “off night” and could leave out their gummies on the counter by accident.


When Big Brother Needs to Help

 In 1908, the Model T automobile rolled off Henry Fords famous assembly line for public use. However, it took another 60 years before there was a federal mandate to include lap and shoulder seat belts in the front seats of new passenger cars in the United States. Even now, some states still do not require safety belts for every passenger, even though there is overwhelming evidence they save lives.


Sometimes we need federal regulation to introduce common sense into a situation. While state-compliant packaging with marijuana products is certainly helping, we have a rare opportunity to introduce federal legalization of cannabis that includes child-resistant packaging. This could simplify the wildly varying state laws and raise a “gold standard” that would lead to better options for manufacturers, growers, and retailers.


The THC symbol found on state-compliant packaging is an excellent starting point. There are currently 7 major “universal” symbols for this one substance, and each state has different regulations regarding how it is displayed and where you can find it on the packaging.


At MSN Packaging Inc, we strive to make the cannabis industry safer and see a fantastic chance for us all to get on the same page. If we as an industry take the first steps to normalize child-safe packaging with our own universal warning labels, we will save the government time and money trying to solve this issue. This will ensure more safety for the families out there who want to enjoy these products without risking the well-being of their little ones.


Cannabis vs. The Rest


The World Health Organization (WHO) has plenty of information on its website about how warning labels can be effectively utilized for potentially harmful products. This doesn’t mean they are out to destroy the marketability of any niche industry, but instead, they seek to have a more responsible consumer market. Being well-informed doesn’t mean we get rid of cannabis. It just means we consume safely.


In 1989, the US enacted laws to include standardized warning labels on alcohol. The same has happened for cigarettes, cigars, and even some whip cream containers at grocery stores. All these labeling requirements have helped lower the instances of consumer accidents because they increased awareness.


We want people to pause for a moment when purchasing alcohol, cigarettes, and cannabis and ask a few questions. Will I be at home alone when I’m enjoying this? Do I have a sober driver? How do I keep these items away from my kids?


Once the answers to these questions have been found, adults should be allowed to enjoy all the benefits of whatever they would like. That is why we at MSN Packaging advocate strongly for child-resistant packaging. This is an affordable solution to ensuring the safety of our children at a time when we are experiencing rapid advancement in cannabis product variety.


Wrapping it Up


It is just as important to clarify the risks of cannabis-related to these other products. One cannabis gummy bear may not cause any harm to your child. On the other hand, a 100ml drink of Vodka is probably going to cause a bit of damage to that young mind. However, an entire container of gummies is going to have a significant effect on a young body and brain.


Child-resistant packaging is not only a good idea, but also a necessary cost for any supplier and retailer hoping to do business with cannabis-related products. From child-resistant ice cream bowls to clear state-compliant packaging, we need more common-sense solutions that balance the adult demand for these exceptional products with the safety of children.


That is where we can help. MSN Packaging offers affordable, easy-to-use, and state-compliant packaging that ensures your products will be highly marketable and offer the peace of mind regulators and consumers wish in their cannabis products. So let’s work together to ensure this industry continues to grow and introduce safe and reliable child-resistant packaging into the marketplace.



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