Arkansas - Idaho - Louisiana - Ohio - New Hampshire

Arkansas - Idaho - Louisiana - Ohio - New Hampshire

Arkansas: Well it started slow but they are off and running, Arkansas medical marijuana programs has received about 300 applications for medical marijuana business licensing.  This is a great relief to the regulators of the state because of the slow start with no application is the first week of the program beginning. How and who will they pick. The state has only approved 32 licenses for dispensary and 5 cultivation permits, with 300 applicants and the state only refunding have of your money if you don't get picked.  It is quite the gamble.  I hope they open more licenses I am sure the state has room. More Info: 

 Idaho: It's here 2018 Proposition for Medical Marijuana use is finally being considered!  Contact your Senator today and let them know you support this proposition. This initiative is very import to decriminalize this medicine for personal use.   Write your Senator here Support Legalization Click here

 Louisiana: Medical Marijuana sales may finally begin Sept 1st 2018 in the state of Louisiana almost 2 years after the governor passed what I would call the strictest medical regulations at of all 29 states.  The state will only allow 10 MMJ Pharmacy across the state and no flower is allowed anywhere. Louisiana law does not allow for cannabis flower to be sold at MMJ pharmacies; only pills, topicals and oils will be allowed for patients. More information 

Ohio: Is struggling to get recreational marijuana on the ballot this year and may have to wait as long as two years before they can get it done.  The state is already on board with the Medical use of marijuana but the voters of the state would like to see recreational also.  The Terminology of the bill is what's slowing it down. More Info:

New Hampshire: Gov. Chris Sununu is opposed to legalization fro recreational use and the state is having some problems coming up with a solution. One of the issues for New Hampshire is the neighboring states have already voted in recreational use for the hemp plant but the board can not decide on a compromise for the program. If you are looking for recreational marijuana in the state of New Hampshire you better speak up and let the Governor know or he is going to make sure the state does not change. Go here to contact your Governor and tell him you support legalization!








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