Cannabis Business and Success!

Cannabis Business and Success!

Well it's been a hard road for most in this industry with people on every corner trying to stop the progress of Cannabis.  It's bad enough that banking and the government are always making it harder to enjoy your cannabis choice of business now Facebook is blocking us from advertising and we don't even sell Cannabis we only sell packaging?

For the last year we have been struggling to overcome the fraud in the industry, hence the no check out option previously on our site.   If you are one of the lucky ones still in business after having your bank account closed, lack of payments from customers, fraudulent credit card usage, your government changing the rules every six months or to whoever’s liking that has just been elected.  We commend you for sticking it out!  I knew we were going to be successful when I had so many other colleges tell me they have been through the same thing.  When you believe in something and know that there is so much opportunity for success but struggle because of the lack of support from the Feds.  If the government would just get on board so would the banks, the taxes and expense write offs would no longer be illegal,  we would have more protection from Fraud and banking,  if the China Tariffs go away with a fair trade agreement,  oh and let's not forget we need a  vaccine for Covid -19. The Future is still bright we believe that CBD, THC and other Hemp products are a gold mine for all who make it and we are here to help.

We have very good news; our site is back with Credit Cards and Full Checkout is working.  Quote items are there and if you want to contact us direct for a large quantity quote or custom printing, please do at   The new design on the site has tariffs already included up front for your convenience and all products that have free shipping will be marked Free Shipping.


We look forward to growth and working with you to help with your success!  


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