Cannabis Cosmetic influenced Packaging

Cannabis Cosmetic influenced Packaging


The Influence of Women on Cannabis Cosmetic Packaging

 Women direct more than 83% of all purchase decisions in the United States. Globally, that is roughly $20 trillion in annual consumer spending, and that number is only expected to grow into the future. 


Yes, women feel vastly underserved. There are so many pressures between home, family, work, and some kind of social life that when a business makes an authentic effort to market to female consumers, it tends to work out pretty well. Showing your brand cares about women is a solid marketing strategy and exceptional business philosophy. 


Why does this matter for the cannabis cosmetic packing industry? If you want to grow your sales, creating cannabis-infused beauty products is an excellent opportunity. The global beauty and self-care industry is valued at over $511 billion. That means the consumer with the most purchasing power, women, spend a significant amount of their money on beauty and cosmetic products targeting their needs. While cannabis is still a new industry in the US, that doesn’t mean it is exempt from basic marketing principles. If you want to grow your business, you need custom CBD containers for cosmetics and other products with designs heavily influenced by women.



Intriguing Perks of Using CBD Cosmetics

Many individuals, especially women, who suffer from different inflammatory skin conditions have started understanding the many perks of CBD-infused products and the various custom packaging solutions in which it comes packed. If you are still unsure how these products influence women in the beauty or cosmetic industry, continue reading the blog below about some of the exceptional benefits.


  • CBD contains essential fatty acids and healthy vitamins A, D, and E.
  • They are used to enhance the skin's natural healing process.
  • Reduce the unwanted growth of eczema flare-ups and breakouts.
  • It helps in decreasing the unwanted pain caused by specific inflammatory skin conditions.
  • The CBD-infused products have potential antioxidant properties.
  • Women can use this product to counteract unwanted signs of aging and wrinkles.


Many beauty supply stores have started offering CBD-infused products, including cosmetics, serums, sunscreen, moisturizers, creams, and cleansers. Others are also coming with a unique collection of CBD-infused custom concentrate packaging. Women, too, are beginning to feel the need to get their favorite go-to products infused with CBD and add some of them to their daily skincare routine. Also, it has been expected that CBD-infused cosmetics might soon become a billion-dollar market in the coming future.


What are Examples of Cannabis Cosmetic Packaging?


The good news is you do not have to reinvent the wheel to make this work. Go into any big box store or look at your favorite online cosmetic shop, and you’ll find plenty of examples of packaging options that work with female-led products. Promoting your unique brand of CBD beauty and cosmetic products does not have to be complicated because companies like ours at MSN Packaging, Inc. are here to help. We provide solutions like:


Pain Balm Packaging

Women are just as likely to get a bruise or have sore muscles after a workout as men. One of the significant advantages of CBD products is reducing or managing chronic and acute pain. Using a premium frosted glass container matches the expectations of quality that would look at home in the women’s section of your local department store.


Cannabis Lotion Squeeze and Pump Bottles

Women understand the importance of taking care of their skin. Between the powerful hydrating benefits and anti-acne infusions available, there seems to be a lotion for everything you can imagine. When you are creating a CBD container for cosmetic purposes, you need to match what is on the market. A lotion squeeze bottle allows you to work with your brand’s CBD skin treatment, anti-aging cream, sun block, or hydrating formula, as well as put your custom labeling on the cover that speaks to a woman’s needs.


Cannabis Sea Oil Herbal Concentrates

There is a call for more suppliers to offer classic cannabis-infused beauty products in glass tinctures and eyedropper packaging. This allows smaller mom-and-pop shops and influencer-led brands to provide essential oils integrated with cannabis to their growing audience. Women dominate the aromatherapy industry, bringing in $1.6 billion in 2020.


CBD Roll Pain Balm Tubes & Lip Balm

Pain management and chapped lips don’t just have to come in a glass container. Women are on the go, constantly running from errands to arrange meeting up with friends and business partners. Having a travel-sized roll-on pain balm to manage a sore spot or your brand’s unique lip balm that also relaxes and soothes the mind is a massive benefit to a hectic day.


Cannabis Makeup & Beauty Products

Numerous companies are popping up with cannabis-infused mascara, hemp-infused eyeshadow pallets, and even lip glosses designed to reduce inflammation and add powerful antioxidants. Having customized packaging to fulfill this trend and need is essential if you are going to stay competitive with your branding. That includes everything from eyelash wands to compacts for application.


Where to Buy Customized CBD Containers for Cosmetics

 Cannabis infused beauty products packaging for cosmetics

At MSN Packaging, Inc., we are proud to meet this demand for more women-influenced cannabis cosmetic packaging. We think everyone should be given the many benefits of CBD lotions and beauty products that not only support looking and feeling better but are explicitly designed for a feminine market.


Cannabinoids have been shown to help with everything from anti-aging to skin health to simply reducing inflammation, so you have a healthier, glowing appearance as you move about your day. Major brands are starting to see the advantage of targeting women with these products because they combine so well with the cosmetic industry by adding more value.


Let us help you target more female consumers with your brand. We offer everything from customized eye droppers for essential oils to custom glass containers for pain ointments designed just for women. Contact our expert packaging team today to create a new solution for your CBD-infused cosmetic line. Together we can help your brand stand out from the rest and grow a new market segment that is well known for making many of the purchasing decisions in households across the United States.

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