Cannabis Infused Drinks Vs Alcohol

Cannabis Infused Drinks Vs Alcohol

Msnmarijuanasup Cannabis Infused Drinks vs. Alcohol Article


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The Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Drinks vs. Alcohol


For years manufacturers and growers have been trying to break the challenge of tasty cannabis-infused drinks. Where alcohols like rum and vodka can be easily infused with everything from chocolate to strawberries, THC and its physical components do not diffuse as well and often create a milky substance that no one wants to drink.


Thanks to the growing reception of the general public wanting more options from their local dispensary, food manufacturers have stepped up their game and found new ways to make cannabis-infused drinks that turn that next premixed margarita into nothing more impressive than the average Diet Coke.


What is the Big Deal?

Alcohol has always been the favorite social lubricant of our country. Even during those dark ages of prohibition, people would flock to the underground dive bars and illegal distilleries that promised to take their pain away. While we can spend hours discussing the overall danger of alcohol compared to cannabis, and there is a significant difference, it seems more productive to stick to the simplest arguments. THC is soluble in alcohol illegal to combine in the United States.


The result of these conflicting concepts is that you need to use water-based drinks to create cannabis-infused delights. Unfortunately, cannabis does not mix well with water. The oil in the ingredient naturally separates, making it nearly impossible to control dosages or tastes.


Now, new technology allows dispensaries of every size to embrace the different tonics, beers, teas, and aperitifs resulting in delicious cannabis-infused drinks.


Which is Better?

When you pick up a pack of cannabis-infused drink containers, you are buying a new experience that promises many excellent benefits over alcohol. For one, these drinks tend to be distributed in child-resistant packaging. You cannot say the same for regular alcohol. Today, kids are happy to open a soda can with the same tab design as a beer. So on the childhood safety front, cannabis-infused drinks win.


Next, cannabis-infused drinks are the fastest-growing side of the entire marijuana market. Their annual sales rose from $67.8 million in 2019 to %95.2 million in 2020. This could be because so many of us were cooped up in our homes with nothing better to do than enjoy a relaxing drink during the pandemic, but nevertheless, the infusion of cash into the research, packaging, and distribution of cannabis-infused drinks has accelerated to meet market demand. That means we all get more variety and flavor choices to fit our personal tastes.


You need to consider that today’s more health-conscious consumer wants a smoother buzz than what alcohol provides, but they don’t want to drink it in the same sugary soda containers kids enjoy. That is why you see companies like ours, Marijuana Supply Networks, Inc., succeeding like never before. We have clients from small-time drink makers to major U.S. brands filling our inbox with designing needs to improve their market share. 


The best points in cannabis-infused drinks favor is that you will not suffer from the debilitating hangover the next morning if you overdo it a bit, and you get more control over your high compared to getting drunk. THC is better spread in these drinks and hits you faster, sometimes in as little as 15 minutes. That means you do not need as much to enjoy a relaxed state of mind. 


Wrapping it Up

While numerous studies and brands are certainly bound to be coming out in the near future with tasty cannabis-infused drinks, it may take a while for this market to overtake alcohol. In the meantime, you get to benefit from all the competition, including the packaging that makes you feel most at home. 


We at MSN Packaging Inc have all the drink containers you could ever want for your next line of cannabis-infused beverages. We can help you secure the brand identity you want to grow with consumers as this new industry starts to take off. To learn more about our many options, check out our storefront. When you’re ready, send a note to our excellent support team. We cannot wait to help you become a vibrant, high-selling cannabis-infused drink business. 




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