Carbon Tax and International Trade. What will it do to your bottom line?

msn packaging blog on Carbon Tax and USA Manufacturing

According to Fareed Zakaria GPS , one off my favorite sources for International news, he states that a Carbon Tax would be the best solution to reducing carbon pollution in our atmosphere and increase US manufacturing. Let's face it, put a tax on it and large corporations will find solutions to not pay it.   The Carbon Tax on all goods coming from overseas will increase the cost of steels and other products which could stimulate more USA made goods. All Countries will be looking at charging something since Coal and Manufacturing are some of the highest contributors to the problem. 

How will that help your industry.  I believe it will not!  I do not believe that  US manufacturing will be able to compete with the low prices of small jars and other items we use in the cannabis industry.  The cost of living and wage demands are two high to make these items cost effective here even with the high prices in freight and adding a Carbon tax.  Oh, it will help the Auto industry and other steel manufacturing , but I do not see anything but more cost to the Jar, Blunt Tube and Tin cans. The simple fact is Manufacturing can cause the production of carbon and will add more cost to everything that is made here due to the tax. Unfortunately the consumer will pay the price.   What is our solution? Pay the tax, still save money and help all countries come up with a better solution by reducing the carbon in our air, help pay for the innovation of new technologies and more environmentally sound products.  Like Hemp. 


Last Look: Why we need a carbon tax



Fareed takes a look at why pricing carbon pollution is the simplest, most elegant way to decarbonize the global economy.

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