Celebrating Womens Month 2023 - My Story

Celebrating Womens Month 2023 - My Story

Celebrating our Success!

March 2023 Celebrating Womens month is all about the storytellers so I thought I would share my story.

All my young life when we watched TV my parents said to me “I’ve been there “ I’ve seen that”, and I’ve experienced that”.  I mean really, they met in high school on an American base in Spain. Travel has always been a big part of my life and life goals.  In fact, traveling across the United States was some of my fondest childhood memories, even with the hours, and hours, in the car with the family, playing car bingo or slug bug, or just fighting in the back seat “Stop touching me!!”  Mooooooooooooom!, but most of all it’s the excitement of travel, the feeling of experiencing something new, seeing things not just on the computer, TV or on your phone, actually being there, Bryce CanyonLimules.jpg

Yellowstone, The Liberty Bell, Horseshoe crabs on the Atlantic Coast, "Don’t step on one of those, they hurt" or at least the bragging rights. I remember stopping for lunches at rest stops and mom in the cooler making sandwiches, swimming at KOA camps across the country, meeting family that lives all over this country, or just listening to mom and dad talking in a foreign language so we could not understand them.  Umm hence never being taught Spanish. LOL, as a parent I get it now.  


The Travel bug has always been in me.  When I was younger, I wanted to be an Airline Steward, but I was too tall and in the ‘80s there was no help with discrimination and exclusion from certain jobs, especially for women.  So that was out.  Red States, Blue States, Sunshine States, and Winter Wonderland States, living in the Country or City I’ve had the privilege to do both, of course, my cities have been small, very small compared to most, but many walks of life.  Traveling to other countries and staying in hotels with a lack of modern technologies, trying to pee squatting over a hole in the floor on a moving ferry boat. Yes, it was not easy.  To see our ancestral countries, experience the lack of convenience, and realize how good we have it over here in North America. Life itself will give you so many opportunities, so it is important to travel.  America is 4% of the world and working internationally is a benefit to all and a must for peace.

I have had the privilege to visit 24 states, golfed in 8, travel to 4 Countries, with a trip to Scotland planned this August, and I have lived in 3 USA States. I had plans of traveling in November of 2011 to visit New York with my niece Amanda but we all know what happened that year.  The Worst Terrorist attack on American Soil  9/11 and the start of the longest war the USA has been involved in. I am lucky to have seen as much of the country as I have.  

States Visited – Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas Oklahoma,

Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Hawaii and these are just the ones I remember. 

Golfed in – Idaho, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Nevada,Stacey Lukac Sky Diving

California, Florida, and even Hawaii, with a plan to golf in Scotland this August, my goal is all 50 States.

States Lived inCalifornia - my birthplace, Idaho – To have a ranch and live in the snow and by a lake and Oregon - to Build my Custom Printed Packaging Business.  MSN Packaging Inc.

Countries Visited – Mexico – Canada – Italy – France and I have swam in the Caribbean Ocean.  


Learning from others.

Living in 3 states with such different cultures even though we say united, each state has its own experience of life and ways to look at life. I’ve experienced all kinds of relationships, some good some bad.  I have experienced survival in many ways and I’m not just talking about the winters in Idaho, Brrrrrr,  I mean all ways, like different taxes and revenue options, different philosophies, different political views and workmanship with employers, rewards, or the lack of,  but most of all I have experienced the awesome feeling of learning from others and their ways of life to appreciate what we have and our surroundings and whom we let in to work hard for what we want and to “adapt and overcome” to survive until enough is enough and we move forward, taking one more step towards your success. Patience is not only a virtue it’s how you survive, not only with others but, with yourself.  Learning not to react or I should say overreact to a bad situation.  I’ve had many years of failing at that but learning it and others how they react or not overreact in business when a man calls you sweety or tells you he does not see your value after helping him look good for his boss. Pushing forward when obstacles are put in your way for success, like prejudice against women. “Us being so fragile and all, now that’s funny”.  Not overreacting is not so easy when it comes to family, but never the less has shaped me into the woman I am today. I have long-lasting friendships that live all over the United States and women in my life I will never forget. That has taught me so much. So it’s no wonder I picked working from home but not limiting myself to just my local area I work in all 50 states at least the ones that support legal or medical marijuana.   I have colleagues in many states and overseas.  My goals are big in business and in Travel.  I look forward to the day I can say I have golfed in all 50 and have started round two.  


Celebrating and Supporting each other

March is Celebrating Womens month and it is very important for our futures to Celebrate how far we have come and the women that paved a way for us to be our true selves supporting each other in the struggles and successes that are ahead.   We still have a long way to go for equality but one way to take control of your own success is to be your own boss. Self-Employment takes work, more hours than a 9 to 5, “I wish.” Being your own boss is a 24/7 job because your business becomes part of the family.  Intertwined day to day, in some of the most mundane tasks, but always there.

I am proud to say I learned my work ethic from my folks, working hard and striving for success, whether it’s money or travel, or family.  I am proud to say I’ve worked hard to get where I am and that I am not finished.  One woman that I want to celebrate is my mother not only for her example in her own success but for teaching me to always push forward. “Suck it up Buttercup” success is not easy. Teaching me I can do anything that I put my mind to and not to let any man or person tell me I could not. “Keep the Na Sayers at bay!”


Take the time to celebrate the women in your lives and share your stories.

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