Colorado Marijuana Labeling and Packaging Regulations

Colorado Marijuana Labeling and Packaging Regulations

Colorado’s cannabis labeling and packaging guidelines state that before sale to a consumer, a retail marijuana store must place any cannabis products in a container that adheres to the following restrictions:

  • Is child-resistant or is placed into an “exit package” that is child-resistant;
  • Is opaque;
  • Is closable if not intended for single use;
  • Is properly labeled pursuant to the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code
    • The packaging may not be designed to appeal to children
    • The labeling makes no false or misleading statements regarding health or physical benefits to the consumer
    • Labeling text is no smaller than 1/16 of an inch
  • Labeling
    text must be clearly written or printed and in the English language
    • Labeling text must be unobstructed and conspicuous
  • Includes Colorado’s Universal THC Symbol

Additionally, containers for edible marijuana products must be labeled with all ingredients.

For more information, please refer to both the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code, which includes additional guidelines for shipping containers, contaminant and potency testing, and more, as well as Colorado’s Packaging & Labeling Requirements For Retail Marijuana for Consumer Protection and Child Safety.


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