Crafting the Ideal Packaging for Cannabis Products Your Customers Want!

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Crafting the Ideal Packaging for Cannabis Products Your Customers Want!


It isn’t rocket science to predict the wave of cannabis-friendly laws being passed state by state. The more the world realizes the medical, relaxation, and financial benefits of expanding marijuana for commercial use, the more demand will rise. If you are considering opening a new dispensary or growing your current retail, manufacturing, or shipping company in the CBD/THC arena, now is the perfect time for custom state-compliant packaging. This is an exceptional way to build your brand and improve customer appreciation.


Packaging matters. Walk around any grocery store, and you’ll quickly notice how some brands jump off the shelves because of the bright colors, luxurious packaging, or premium quality materials they use. Over 72% of American consumers agree that packaging design plays a massive role in what items they purchase. Simply put, how you wrap that new CBD ice cream or vape pen matters almost as much as the item itself. So, how do you get the packaging you want?


Getting Your Idea to Market: The Journey of Packaging Design


The exterior of your products matters just as much as the inside. Not only does this apply to legal considerations surrounding child-resistant packaging, but so you can stand out in the competitive marketplace. You must find a way to balance visual appeal and practical functionality. Luckily, the uniqueness of the cannabis industry allows us to have some fun with custom designs.


Packaging design is the intricate process you have to move through when deciding what goes on the outside of the cannabis-related items you sell. Think of the golden arches on McDonald’s fries, the mermaid on Starbucks, or even the unique glass containers of classic Coca-Cola made with sugar cane instead of sweetener. Every design process will be different, but a good idea of how your packaging goes from new product MVP to in the hands of your target audience includes:


01 | Market Analysis

The cannabis market's meteoric rise is undeniable. The industry, valued at USD 27.7 billion in 2022, is poised to balloon to a staggering $82.3 billion by 2027. These aren't mere statistics. They're a clarion call for businesses to align their branding and packaging strategies with the times. 


Crafting cannabis packaging that not just stands out but speaks volumes. You need to dive into the power of the market and how you can “ride that wave” to higher potential sales.


02 | Audience Research

Diving deep into the heart and mind of the modern cannabis consumer reveals intriguing insights. With 40% candidly sharing photos of unique and branded products on social platforms, the social media clout of your packaging design is not to be underestimated. Plus you can have fun.


The number of businesses using a play on words or ideas like Gandolf OG, Purple Monkey Balls, or the ever-popular Slap ‘N Tickle lends itself perfectly to fun designs. Or, you can go the elegant route based on the needs of a higher-end market. It all comes down to finding a unique match for your target buyers.


03 | The Brief & USP

It's the age of transparency. A whopping 74% of consumers assert that honesty in product labeling cultivates trust. What's your green gold? It's crucial to make it shine right through the package. A great example of USP (unique selling point) in state-compliant packaging is using eco-friendly products. Your customers get the high they want and peace of mind that they’re not contributing to global warming.


04 | Design Elements & Prototyping

In the evolving cannabis marketplace, state-compliant, child-resistant packaging manufacturing isn't just a necessity—it's a badge of honor. This balance between compliance and aesthetics is where innovation thrives. 

 Again, where and whom you are selling makes a difference here, a long with state laws, but you have to blend fun, engaging packaging that looks good on the shelf with the practical needs of your area. Getting a working prototype of your packaging goes a long way to ensure it will look like you want.


05 | Refinement

With 52% of consumers having transitioned to a different brand triggered by a novel packaging design, the stakes have never been higher. It's all about refining until perfection. In other words – test, test, test! Use user reviews, customer insights, and any other data you can to ensure the final packaging you select is appropriate, engaging, and works with current regulations. 


Remember, custom-branded packaging manufacturing isn’t just about your brand. It is also about the people wanting to be loyal brand ambassadors in the future.


Creating What’s Missing in the Market


Why settle for the ordinary when your brand can define the extraordinary? There is a thin line that you can leverage in today’s market because the cannabis industry is still new. Now is precisely when you want to lay the foundation of your brand, and that begins with an identity that extends to your packaging.


In today's business world, 30% of businesses witness a revenue surge directly after they improve their product packaging. Pair this with custom-branded packaging manufacturing, and you'll quickly see why you're not just selling a product – you're selling an experience.


Your packaging should reflect the values you have as a business. If you are targeting users in Washington, D.C., who are more affluent, you want branding on your packages that reflect that tone. If you primarily sell to college students, you have more flexibility because they are after brighter colors and more funny slogans. Or based on your area, East coast and West coast have very different restrictions. 

 Bringing your cannabis vision to life is not a solo expedition. It's a collaboration, a dance between your brand's essence and the expertise of our team at MSN Packaging Inc. We have detailed prowess in custom-branded packaging manufacturing that distill your business dreams into tangible success stories.




What makes state-compliant, child-resistant packaging essential?

With the cannabis industry's rapid growth, ensuring safety and compliance is paramount. These packages are meticulously designed to be child-resistant yet accessible to adults. As you move through your design process, be sure to have an eye on current regulations. Our team is also well-versed in existing laws and requirements. We know how to “double-check” that you’re all set without sacrificing branding.


How does custom-branded packaging elevate my brand?

Custom packaging offers a unique canvas to convey your brand's ethos, ensuring you stand apart in a crowded market. It allows you to create a fantastic experience while still following current cannabis industry guidelines.


Why choose MSN Packaging Inc. for my packaging needs?

MSN Packaging Inc. is synonymous with quality and innovation in the cannabis packaging domain. Our experience and commitment to excellence ensure your product resonates with your target audience.


Is there a growing trend towards sustainable cannabis packaging?

Absolutely! With 61% of U.S. consumers valuing sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices in cannabis packaging is more than a trend—it's a mandate. You can grow your brand in both the green market of sustainability and the green market of weed!


What makes a great product packaging design? 

The only thing that really matters is how your customers accept the packaging. Yes, you have to follow regulations and ensure you adhere to current child-resistant packaging manufacturing needs, but the response you get from customers matters more than anything else in your design. The best tips to follow are:


  • KISS – Keep it simple
  • Use colors, figures, and phrases aligned with your current brand identity
  • Make it memorable and catchy
  • Have fun
  • Make sure it is highly functional based on the product use
  • Follow all state-compliant needs, including child-resistant packaging


One more thing to bring up: if you cannot find the packaging you need, it’s time to hire someone for custom-branded packaging manufacturing. Don’t view this lack of availability as a disadvantage. This is a unicorn situation where you get to lead the market in a way brands across the world dream of doing.


Cannabis Retail and the Rise of Conscious Consumption


Projected to reach a whopping $33.6 billion by 2023, the combined U.S. medical and recreational cannabis sales landscape is transforming. With such growth, the canvas of the cannabis market is vast, and with the right brushstrokes of packaging design, brands can craft masterpieces. In the interplay of aesthetics, compliance, and sustainability lies an ocean of opportunities waiting to be explored as long as you take the time to do the packaging side of things properly.


When you want to elevate your cannabis brand with state-of-the-art packaging that ensures compliance, aesthetic brilliance, and sustainability, contact our team at MSN Packaging Inc. It’s time to harness the power of custom branding and packaging tailored exquisitely to your needs.


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