Gas Prices are Still going up yet shipping is coming down, WHAT?

cargo shipping and gas price changes from 2019 to today october 2022

Have you seen the drop we have in your shipping cost?  Not that I am complaining but why when gas is still going up? Did corporate greed finally stop?  I hope so! We are still forecasting that prices will be unstable for some time but for now, we are seeing some relief from the outrageous cargo and transportation rates.  

Reports by market researchers and experts are usually accurate on these predictions, create awareness, and help businesses plan their next marketing strategy successfully. Until 2019, many industries were growing consistently, and then COVID-19 changed everything, rates skyrocketed and prices soared and now we have Shrinkage.  We have seen Child Resistant Custom Packaging double in cost and some cases triple.  


How Online Sales Surged During and After the pandemic

According to the reports, e-commerce sales increased by about 43% in 2020, the first year of the pandemic as social distancing became the new standard, and the transportation for home delivery jumped. Basic Economic kicks in, with more demand for local trucking the supply and demand became very clear that this would affect the consumer and we are sure paying for it now.  

The good news about 2022 and 2023 Shipping Rates are coming down, maybe not so stable, but they are moving in the right direction. Be sure to get your orders in before the corporate greed steeps back in.

Why our industry has a large shipping cost?

Shipping is something you can not avoid unless you pick it up yourself, which is not happening in our industry.  The reason we have such a high cost the Child Resistant Packaging is, no one in the United States is willing to take on the expense of manufacturing them, it is way too high in labor cost, too much hands-on and we in America cannot produce this product at a low cost with our wages, and nor would I want our wages to change.  So we partner with overseas companies to provide you with the most cost-effective custom printing packaging solutions.


Perfect Marketing Strategies

Marketing and advertising are essential elements of any successful business. With a smartphone in every hand, it is not hard to advertise your product to potential buyers. Customers from all corners demand products they see over the internet. So to take advantage of low-cost Custom printed packaging boxes with a logo and other products for brand recognition, it is important to get the best possible shipping rates and sea shipping is the way to go. This takes planning, sea shipping adds 30-60 days to your purchase.  The savings of thousands in freight costs can better your margins for a stand-out brand in our packaging solutions custom printed program.


Reasonable Shipping Rates Are Essential For Business Growth!

Shipping rates are influenced by many factors, such as fuel price, the demand for the product, and the delivery location. Although many experts predict a fall in shipping rates under the rumors of a global recession, online buyers might keep browsing and purchasing their favorite products. If you are looking for containers, jars, or custom packaging solutions for cannabis, consider shopping from MSN Packaging. At a reasonable rate, we ensure the safest and fastest delivery of your top-notch cannabis or marijuana-infused, child-resistant packaging products.

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