How Child-Resistant 12 OZ Plastic Bottle Packaging Ensures Safety?

How Child-Resistant 12 OZ Plastic Bottle Packaging Ensures Safety?

Products such as medicines and other household chemicals are often recognized for containing poisoning substances and need child-resistant packaging to ensure safety. Similarly, marijuana and cannabis-related products must be packaged to ensure child safety. According to (WHO) World Health Organization, child-resistant packaging has given high success rates in the medicine and cannabis packaging industry. Child-resistant 12 oz plastic bottle is one of such packaging solutions that are highly in demand by cannabis marketers and buyers. But, before considering this option, let's know its top qualities. 

Qualities Of Child-Resistant 12 OZ Plastic Bottle 

The cannabis packaging market is crowded with various alternatives. If you are going with a child-resistant 12 oz plastic bottle, do not overlook the following qualities:

  • PET Food-Grade Certified 

The global cannabis packaging market is experiencing strategic growth, so marketers and buyers are getting more concerned about the quality of packaging. PET food-grade certified child-resistant packaging comes under regulatory standards. For the legal cannabis market, dealing with packaging solutions approved by the state measures is becoming crucial. Therefore, the certified child-resistant 12 oz plastic bottle can be a wise choice. 

  • Delivers High Quality & Safe Products

Medical marijuana or cannabis-related edible products require supreme quality and safety. Therefore, as a cannabis dealer or buyer, do not omit to go with the packaging option that maintains the safety and quality of your cannabis products. A child-resistant 12 oz plastic bottle is there to ensure complete safety. And, children won't get any harm if they come in contact with these bottles. So the safety from all ends is confirmed. 

  • Custom Packaging For Your Unique Brands

As we focus on product quality, child safety, and regulatory certification, one more aspect is to consider, your custom packaging. Since your brand is unique and your way of marketing is different, the packaging should also be exceptional. The child-resistant 12 oz plastic bottle allows custom labels, graphics, and printed shrink sleeves, including tamper-evident sealing. 

  • State Compliant Child-Resistant Lids  

Faulty packaging may lead to an injury to children. If such a case happens, it's the worst scenario and can be tragic for any company. However, the state complaint child-resistant 12 oz plastic bottle won't let you face such worst cases. These packaging solutions ensure consumer safety and the protection of your business. 

Brief Details About Child-Resistant 12 OZ Plastic Bottle

  1. These cannabis-infused drink bottles with child-resistant lids are ideal for your sodas, 12 oz juices, or other beverages. 
  2. These packaging solutions are PET food-grade licensed. 
  3. They are disposable transparent PET bottles and can be used for all liquid types. 

Get Your Ideal Child-Resistant Packaging Solution From Us! 

If you want to beat the strategic competition of the cannabis packaging industry, get your hands on the child-resistant 12 oz plastic bottle. The industry is focusing more on packaging solutions to ensure the highest safety. Reach out to MSN Packaging Inc. today and buy your desired packaging solutions from us! 

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