International Freight VS American Made Packaging.

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Let's talk International freight cost vs USA made.  Is it Cost effective or not? Are you frustrated with the ports and the lack of movement?

 In today’s market it is hard to decide where to purchase or have things manufactured.  Unfortunately, there are many limitations with our industry in the USA, especially for small glass containers.  Finding a glass art blower is much easier than finding a company for a 5ml or a 9ml, in fact I have yet to find any that is made in the United States.  With the cost of international freight and tariffs you would think the US Glass companies would jump on board.  I have seen in the last few month the cost of a 40ft container In March go from $7000.00 to $15,000.00 today in June and we are not even at the peak of the season.   This cost is not our international partners, it is the United States Ports and Shipping companies. Coronavirus has a lot to blame here and the recovery we are currently going through.   More info on current rates:   It was in the 80’s that the USA sent most of our manufacturing overseas changing the United States from a Manufacturing country to a Hospitality Country/ Service Industry Country.  We have yet to bring it back to where the high price of shipping is still a lower cost than what it would be to manufacture here. I look forward to the days when freight cost will level out or we can figure how to manufacture products in the USA with quality customer service and low cost to meet the consumer demands.   

According to Bloomberg's Henry The Shipping cost is here to stay.  Ren

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