New Mexico Labeling and Packaging Regulations

New Mexico Labeling and Packaging Regulations


New Mexico’s cannabis labeling and packaging guidelines include the following:

  • Packaging and labeling: a manufacturer applicant shall submit a description and sample of the opaque, child-resistant packaging of the concentrate or cannabis-derived product that the manufacturer shall utilize, including a label that shall contain:
    • (1) the name of the entity that produced the cannabis and the name of the manufacturer;
    • (2) a batch number or code;
    • (3) a production date or expiration date, including a “use by” or “freeze by” date for products capable of supporting the growth of infectious, toxigenic, or spoilage microorganisms;
    • (4) a description of the number of units of usable cannabis contained within the product;
    • (5) instructions for use;
    • (6) warnings for use;
    • (7) instructions for appropriate storage;
    • (8) approved laboratory analysis, including the results of strength and composition within ten percent (10%) of numbers shown on the package;
    • (9) the name of the strain, product facts, or a nutrition fact panel, and a statement that the product is for medical use by qualified patients, to be kept away from children, and not for resale; and
    • (10) the name of the department-approved testing facility or facilities used for ingredient testing, and the type(s) of testing conducted.

For more information, please refer to Title 7, Chapter 34, Part 4 – Licensing Requirements for Producers, Couriers, Manufacturers and Laboratories.

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