Oklahoma , Arizona, Texas, Idaho

Oklahoma , Arizona,  Texas, Idaho


New regulations are out for the Oklahoma Labeling requirements:


The Emergency rules and regulations are out for Oklahoma, the packaging required is not Certified but must be Child Resistant. 

310:681-7-1. Labeling The following general label and packaging requirements, prohibitions and exceptions apply: See more 



Don't lose faith and always remember to push forward , however supporters in Arizona need to get on board and start supporting the effort.  The 2018 ballot in Arizona latest Initiative to adopt news laws for Recreational Marijuana.  So far there was not enough signature to put it on the ballot.  To help Move forward in the next elections contact your Governor! Since I am not sure who you are electing you better check who is for and who is against if you want it to move forward. 



 Will Texas be the next state to legalize Recreational Marijuana?  According to the advocates of legalization there is great optimism that the State will go full recreational in 2019. Should marijuana be legal in Texas has been a question for sometime now, but resent polls show the Texans support it more then appose it. In Fact voters over the age of 45 strongly support it. Go Texas!! 



Idahoans have done it again, once again Idaho has failed to come up with the proper amount of signature to put the 2018 Medical Marijuana on the November Ballot. While Texas might be the next state Idaho is still running in last.  Despite the surrounding state already legal. The one thing Idaho can do is Elect Paulette Jordan as their next governor. I spoke to her personally and she is in favor of Medical Marijuana but not Recreational. To help support 


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