Seniors and Child Resistant - Dang Kids!

Seniors and Child Resistant - Dang Kids!

 Pain is real for so many people so why do we make it this hard to open our meds?

Child Resistant Packaging for Seniors

The number one issue with Child Resistant Packaging is State Regulations and Compliance, but what most people don’t talk about is most seniors who need the medicine, the resistance is too much. Even back in 1995 packaging for drugs had issues. According the the News-Releases in 1995/CPSC-Votes-To-Make-Packaging-Child-Resistant-And-Easy-To-Open  I have spoken to a lot of cannabis consumers and their biggest complaint is trying to open the package when their hands are hurting.  The mechanism and regulations have been stifling the cannabis industry Senior consumers are the largest portion of patients, but they will not buy a product they cannot open.  “Yeah it’s a great med, but I can’t open the packaging so I buy this one” It's why having the right Child Resistant Packaging makes all the difference.   So how do you stay in compliance but make your brand stand out and stay in compliance?  The industry is so new that innovative Child Resistant packaging is coming to the market every day.  Even MSN Packaging Inc. is producing a new line of Child Resistant Ice Cream Bowls, Trademark Name FreezAbowl. Look for it soon, hopefully launching by 420 of 2023.

Custom Child Resistant Packaging, how to stay current without breaking your budget.

So how do you find the right packaging within your budget and have a product your seniors can open?   it takes a lot of planning, which means testing the products with your seniors, or having a company that has already dealt with Child Resistant testing for compliance, like MSN Packaging Inc.  Close to my Sixties, I can relate to the need for child-safe but functional use.  Second; large quantities when ordering to lower your cost is very important. This means when you plan your next line of products make sure you have enough for larger quantities to save money per item but order as Generic as you can for your brand but have Custom Printed Child Resistant Packaging that allows you to stand out in the crowd. I suggest you do the most generic items, jars, boxes, tins, and bags, can be used for many different types of products, like pre-rolls, Disposable Vape pens, Vape Cartridges, Buds, Edibles packaging, and more.

It takes time to produce custom printed but the cost of labor and labels for your product is very costly. That is why I recommend generic pre-printed custom packaging to save money and present a rememberable brand that even seniors can open.

Can’t Find the one you like

Sometimes you just can’t find the one you like, but have an idea you are sure will work so stop and take a look at making it yourself.  Take a look at the cost, with large quantities and planning you can make it for less than what you are paying for someone else’s ideas. As the market continues to grow, and the competition is gaining ground, what will make you stand out, sometimes we just have to take the package by the horns and get it done.  Custom print and custom design your packaging.  MSN Packaging inc. can help you bring your idea to the market, with mold production and 3D design development.

State regulations and compliance vary for all states and sometimes within that state because of the counties. Some Counties may only allow Medical but others will be fully Recreational.  What are your state regulations and where can you find them? Check out our pages on State Compliance and find what your state requires.

 God created all the “seed-baring plants” and said it was “Good” - Genisis  1: 11-12 

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