The New States Coming On Board For Recreational Cannabis in 2022

Recreational Cannabis

The state legislatures seemed to gain exceptional momentum and victories in the Cannabis policy reform in 2021. But they are hopeful of qualifying drug policy reform measures for the year 2022 successfully. Advocates and activists are trying their best to break the record for enacting the most cannabis legalization laws and decriminalizing psychedelics and other drugs. In the era where lawmakers are focused on bringing advanced changes to reform bills, several proposals from many states will successfully convince the authorities to enact compassionate medical cannabis laws.

Keep reading the below blog to find out which states will enact recreational cannabis reform in 2022.

1- #Arkansas

The lawmakers of Arkansans struggled their best to place marijuana legalization initiatives on the state's 2022 ballot. The reform includes regulated sales of cannabis for adults 21 years of age and older. The state executioners also attempted to urge individuals to use blister packaging once cannabis legalization prevails.

2- #California

California activists proposed a legislative approach and initiated a ballot campaign in front of the voters to legalize psychedelic possession in the state. They are also building a solid support system that could benefit their proposal's appeal and allow the state to come on board for Recreational Cannabis in 2022.

3- #Colorado

Colorado voters could successfully legalize the cultivation of psychedelics in 2022 by offering businesses the required license. In this way, the psychedelics reform initiatives can also allow blister packaging suppliers to market both cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms.

4- #Delaware

2022 brings new hopes for legalizing marijuana for adult usage in Delaware. The state is doing its best to secure a vote and build more support for bringing recreational cannabis on board in 2022.

5- #Hawaii

In 2021, a Hawaii bill was initiated, and the state is looking forward to the legislature finally legalizing recreational marijuana in the 2022 session.

6- #Idaho

The state's 2022 ballot is being planned to put medical cannabis legalization on its top. And other campaigns by the state are focused on collecting signatures for bringing medical marijuana legalization on board.

7- #Kansas

Kansas democratic leaders passed a medical cannabis bill in 2021 that's being pushed on in 2022. Plus, separate proposals are being laid to support Medicaid expansion and legalize medical and adult-use of recreational cannabis in 2022.

8- #Kentucky

Kentucky recently proposed a scaled-back version of the Republican-led bill to gain lawmakers' support in 2022.

9- #Maryland

A marijuana legalization bill is being recently put by a cannabis workgroup on the state's 2022 ballot, so the legislature will quickly reform the bill and prioritize it in front of voters.

10- #Michigan

This year Michigan is fighting to get statewide psychedelics and marijuana reform to come to the board.

11- #Minnesota

Lawmakers are committed to fighting for the legalization of adult-use marijuana in Minnesota not only as a collective effort to promote racial justice but also to boost their economy.

12- #Mississippi

The collective population of Mississippi stands united in front of the legislation to finally approve their last year's medical cannabis legalization with blister packaging initiative in 2022.

13- #Missouri

Missouri's 2022 ballot repeatedly sees multiple citizen initiatives and separate campaigns focused on recreational cannabis legalization.

14- #Nebraska

Nebraskans and other state activists are collectively pushing to put medical cannabis legalization on the 2022 ballot by joining hands with licensed blister packaging suppliers.

15- #New Hampshire

New Hampshire residents are in full support of forcing legislators to legalize marijuana for recreational use but are optimistic that their reform will be successfully passed.


Besides these states, other states, including #North Carolina, #North Dakota, #Ohio, #Oklahoma, #Rhode Island, #South Carolina, #South Dakota, #Washington, D.C., #Washington State, and #Wyoming, could also legalize marijuana or psychedelics in 2022. That's why it doesn't matter which state you reside in. Engaging and doing your part in both primary and general elections will make the strong base for bringing your state on board for Recreational Cannabis in 2022.

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