Top Trends Among Growers/Producers in New York

Top Trends Among Growers/Producers in New York

Not only in the gains and size of the market but also in production methods, technology, and cannabis consumer conduct, the cannabis industry is growing exponentially. Every year, new trends emerge in the industry. However, the outlook of cannabis trends remains positive and notable. So, if you are wondering what the top trends among the producers this year in New York are, then keep reading this article.

Trends Followed For Cultivation

Reports have shown that the imminent legalization of Marijuana in New York will experience exponential growth in the next few years if the producers keep up with the trends.

  1. Crop Steering 

Crop Steering techniques promote crop outcomes by altering environmental facets and irrigation events. In the last year, a noticeable increase was seen in adopting this technique. This year also, more and more growers will deploy root zones and environmental sensors in their facilities to track data points to produce quality crops invariably. Many businesses have embraced this methodology and invested in buying the technology to grow crop steering tailored crops.

  1. Industry Growth and Outlook

The marijuana market scores are flourishing across New York after the legalization of adult-use marijuana. Also, even the U.S. cannabis marijuana edible packaging market size is expected to grow more steadily in upcoming years. It was already anticipated that New York's recreational weed industry would create tons of jobs and would help the state grow economically. 

  1. Impact of Legalization

Jeffrey Lee, Principal at Capalino and leader of the Cannabis Advisory Team, mentioned that "The new cannabis market will provide numerous new economic possibilities, as well as renewed tax reinvestment into areas affected by the war on drugs." The legalization and growth of the cannabis market in any state eventually help activists get it legalized in other states. The trend of supporting the legalization of cannabis is at an all-time high.

  1. New York Market Share Insights

Stakeholders are always beneficial by keeping up with the trends, which is a great way to attract more buyers. Market share insights help Researchers at MDC continuously identify and track emerging trends in technology or packaging. These trend reports are revised on a regular basis so that stakeholders can benefit from the most recent trends and generate gains.

Trends Followed For Cannabis Packaging in 2022

As per reports, the U.S. cannabis packaging market size is predicted to surpass USD 9.3 billion by 2030. It is also expected that the project numbers, like gummy edible packaging, concentrate containers, etc., will increase in the future, along with the legalization of medical and adult recreational use. Here are some of the cannabis packaging and marketing trends that are at their peak:

  1. Standard Compliance

As the U.S. is hurtling toward marijuana legalization, the producers are moving from local packaging restrictions to a more comprehensive view. This means that they are shifting to compliant packaging in all the states. The cannabis growers are saving the additional costs of compliances by following the criteria and processes which are already well demonstrated by pharmaceutical companies. That's why we at MSN Packaging Inc. provide gummy edible packaging products keeping up with the standard compliance.

  1. Bold Designs & Graphics

Many marketers and the cannabis industry are shifting from generic packaging to innovative packaging products and more towards branding. From the ubiquitous leaf symbol to bold designs and innovative graphics, these updates are rapidly becoming mindful efforts to target the younger millennial consumers. We also offer custom designs for your Custom products to make your marijuana edible packaging stand out in the crowd.

  1. Sustainable Packaging

In a world where climate change is always a hot and trendy topic, cannabis producers are becoming more conscious of radical solutions to tackle these problems. The trend of switching to sustainable packaging is arguably becoming crucial as it helps in reducing the marijuana sector carbon footprint. We also provide different sustainable products like gummy bear edible packaging, sustainable tubes, etc.

  1. Customized Packaging

No doubt, the customized packaging trend will take over the cannabis industry soon. Not only does it support branding, but it also makes brands stand out in the crowd and help in increasing sales. If you want to make your brand packaging more unique and impressive, then you can create your logo and customized packaging through our Custom Branding services. MSN Packaging can help you by offering something different at best.

If you need assistance with any kind of packaging and marijuana edible packaging or want to keep up with the cannabis packaging trends, you can reach out to us. We can even help you with State Compliance research and inventory planning with affordable product lines.

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