Veterans and Legal Cannabis in 2023

Veterans and Legal Cannabis in 2023

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How Medical Marijuana is Improving the Quality of Life for Military Veterans


The last count of US military veterans had a total population of a little over 19 million people. That means all those proud individuals marching in the parades, showing up to display the flag at local schools, and participating in numerous other Veterans Day events were once scared out of their minds but willing to protect our country. 


Whether that was to get funding for college, get out of a rough situation, or carry on a proud family tradition, these hardworking Americans risked giving up the greatest gift they could – their lives.


The problem is when these incredible human beings come back from service. In many cases, they struggle with mental, physical, and emotional harm that cannot be “cured” by the endless slew of pharmaceuticals thrown their way. While there is no single cure-all for the numerous maladies and damage caused to these brave people, there is an option that is showing tremendous benefits, and that is medical marijuana.


States Join the Cause


The current arguments against marijuana stem from state-compliant packaging. Those opposed to its use say more needs to be done to protect our children while ignoring the incredible medical benefits cannabis-related products could have on our massive population of veterans.


During the recent 2022 election, people stood up and voted to right this wrong. Instead of being overly focused on child-resistant packaging regulations, these states declared ballot measures that made the use, purchase and growing of marijuana legal.


The great states of Maryland and Missouri have joined the progressive world and made adult-use recreational marijuana legal. This means there are now 21 states in America where you can purchase cannabis without needing a medical card or some other qualification other than your age.


Of course, there are still Missouri packaging and Maryland packaging concerns that will need to be ironed out, but in the meantime, veterans who sourly need relief from so much trauma are going to get it without having to wait months for a VA appointment.


Benefits of Cannabis to Veterans & Legal Struggles


The fact is veterans directly benefit from legal marijuana. These honorable human beings do not mind dealing with child-resistant packaging if it means they get relief from trauma like PTSD or physical pain. Marijuana helps with:


  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Preventing Relapse in Addiction
  • Treating Anxiety Disorders
  • Treating GI Disorders
  • Preventing Seizures
  • Fighting Cancer
  • Reducing Chronic Pain
  • And more


All these directly benefit those wounded warriors suffering from many service-related injuries. 


There are endless studies of the positive effects of marijuana on pain, mood disorders, mental health, and more. Everything from insomnia to simply feeling calm enough to enjoy a meal with their family is being reported by these groups, especially older veterans.


Here’s the catch: as long as marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, it cannot be “officially” prescribed to veterans. This is because the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs are both federal agencies. While there isn’t a problem at the state level when marijuana is legalized, cannabis-related products are considered illegal at the federal level, regardless of what Missouri packaging is utilized to protect children.


While the VA has said it will not penalize veterans who use marijuana to relieve symptoms of PTSD or other service-connected issues, it cannot officially declare the use of cannabis as a legal method.


More Needs to Be Done


We began our business at MSN Packaging to help companies worldwide supply cannabis-related products to anyone using safe child-resistant packaging and state-compliant packaging. As we have grown and become a leading provider of such materials, we have seen firsthand the benefits marijuana can have on the greater population, including our military veterans.


Yes, legal situations need to be remedied and ironed out. That is why both new states are looking into Missouri packaging and Maryland packaging requirements as they onboard these new laws for the adult use of cannabis take effect. That is all well and good, but more needs to be done specifically to help our veterans.


If the federal government cannot accept that the wave of positive public support for marijuana is only growing, they should recognize the incredible benefits this substance can have on those willing to give their lives for our freedom.


Right now, a bill is sitting in a congressional committee known as the MORE Act. This would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level and create the Office of Cannabis to justly amend federal regulations, including the VA. This would open the door to many other veterans who are sick, traumatized, or just trying to get by and need a little extra support from marijuana-related products.


Bills like the MORE Act could revolutionize how state-compliant packaging and other regulations smooth out the process for greater access. It could be the key instrument in dramatically improving the quality of lives for our vets, if only the rest of congress gets on board.


Wrapping it Up


While medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and regulations like child-resistant packaging are helping increase the use of cannabis, we can do more. 


We at MNS Packaging believe every human being, regardless of philosophy, should be allowed to decide for themselves about marijuana, especially those who have served in the military. Anyone willing to give their life to protect their friends and family deserves the right to access such a powerful tool in the healing process.


We do our best to stay out of the political fray, given how divisive it tends to be in today’s world, but at least we should all agree that our country should be doing everything possible to ensure those brave men and women returning from service have access to the best medical care. Part of that treatment plan should include the optional use of marijuana.


If you would like to learn more about how our state-compliant packaging can benefit your company, please reach out to our team. We also welcome all the upcoming dispensaries, growers, and veterans in Missouri and Maryland to the family. We hope cannabis and all its related products directly benefit your overall well-being.


From all of us at MSN Packaging to every single veteran and their families, we thank you for your service.


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