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What news for 2024 in cannabis child resistant and non child resistant packaging by MSN Packaging inc.

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 What are the Legal Updates and Marijuana Packaging Solutions for 2024?

 Welcome to 2024! At this point, around 24 states in the USA allow some form of recreational marijuana use with 38 allowing at least medical products. The rise in popularity of everything from ice cream infused with THC to tinctures, vape pens, and good old-fashioned smoking solutions is astronomical.


As new states onboard dispensaries and adopt regulations for the fair use, trade, and sale of cannabis and its related products, considerations for child-resistant and state-compliant packaging must be brought to light.


Our team at MSN Packaging wants to help you through this new year with the latest cannabis packaging trends sure to impact your business. Read on to learn how to make subtle changes to remain current with regulatory standards while still meeting the unique needs of your branding and target audience.


What 2024 Laws Affect Marijuana Products?


The legal compliance of sustainable packaging regarding cannabis is a significant concern of any operation. You don’t want to celebrate a record crop only to get all your items returned or destroyed because some new state law was overlooked.


For example, Colorado has made changes to its current labeling procedures. This includes adding a “use by” date on the label to ensure proper quality and freshness, but not expiration.


In Oklahoma, secret shoppers will be used to check out the various regulatory and legal compliance of marijuana and its packaging among dispensaries. The goal is to check for quality assurance and any noticeable area where a business might need to make changes.


In a surprising move, employers in California and Washington are no longer allowed to ask about job applicants’ previous cannabis use as part of the decriminalization process. Nevada is doubling its possession numbers as retailers, growers, and dispensaries expand operations. Even Virginia is getting into the mix by establishing the CCA (Virginia Cannabis Control Authority) to help the state through the possession and home cultivation of cannabis products.


To put it simply, the regulatory requirements of growing, selling, and using marijuana-related products have become way more complex due to rapid adoption. That is another reason you should seek out our team at MSN Packaging. We do the work for you by checking and double-checking all state-compliant packaging needs, so your products are safely and legally sent in customizable material that meets consumer preferences and regulatory requirements.


What About New Products for 2024?


As you prepare your sustainable packaging to meet the growth in marijuana demand, you’re likely to experience some changes in marketing. Over 50% of consumers are women, and 60% are married with children.


The age of the hippie and hip-hop generations is long past, and now we are looking at more mainstream use of cannabis-related products. This is changing the makeup of products. Instead of high potency only, there will be a greater diversification of low to medium-level items.


The goal is to help parents and professional workers have a solid solution to relaxation, sleep, and medical needs instead of targeting enthusiasts only.


As part of this trend, you can expect more “consumption lounges” to pop up in certain states. Places like Las Vegas will likely have bars and unique settings where friends can gather and enjoy a blunt. That will shift how things are packaged and produced as more consumers look toward “sharable” items.


These trends are leading to innovations in product design. Items like the Postless Disposable Cannabis Vape Pen are changing the industry by allowing greater airflow, smaller form factor, and easier-to-fill oil containers for live resin. 


Then there are the small sizes some companies are turning to. These are the smallest vape pens created by DEMO that measure no longer than standard earbuds. The goal is to help consumers “try” different strains without investing in a serious vape device.


With so much change in product design, you can expect packaging to make equally significant steps forward.


Top Cannabis Packaging Trends for 2024


More Demand for Custom Packaging

More customers equals a more significant demand for companies. Such diversity is creating unique branding across the industry. To meet these needs, state-compliant packaging must accommodate fun, innovative, and varied designs that allow products to stand out in the market while still meeting legal compliance.


Sustainability in Cannabis Packaging

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, the call for eco-friendly materials like packaging that doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals is increasing. Instead, consumers prefer a more recyclable, renewable, or environmentally aware material base through compostable items, hemp, or similar alternatives.


Items like the FreezAbowl 100% PLA Plastic child-resistant packaging are changing everything. This allows for delicious cannabis-infused products to be safely sent to consumers in a more environmentally friendly material.


Integration of Art & Technology

After the global pandemic, QR codes changed everything in the restaurant and service industries. These are equally revolutionizing marijuana packaging solutions for 2024 by providing customers with more information about the company, strains, initiatives, and more. Instead of searching social media or the web for additional information, a consumer can simply scan the child-resistant packaging’s QR code and get custom NFT art, product guidelines, and so much more.


The same is valid for customization and creative designs. Packaging is going to need to cultivate an emotional connection with customers. In some cases, which may be through personalization that includes your name on the label or stackable smart storage containers so you can take your purchased item and use it for other purposes.


Augmented reality is another factor. In some rare cases, cannabis packaging includes the ability of users to point their smartphone or tablets at the packaging materials and suddenly be taken away to new online worlds or games.


Convenience, Luxury, and Product Information

Market segmentation will play a significant role in cannabis packaging trends. For those consumers we’ve already mentioned joining the marijuana culture from suburbia, you can expect packaging that focuses on convenience and safe use.


As a broader target audience adopts cannabis, the call for minimalistic designs that appeal to aficionados will be louder. These users will prefer a more luxurious and exclusive experience because of their love of the product and more refined tastes.


In every case, manufacturers are providing significantly more information about the products inside the child-resistant packaging. This is like blending the sources you would find on produce with use cases or pairings from a popular wine. The goal is to create a more immersive shopping experience that consumers will appreciate.


Looking to the Future of Marijuana Packaging Solutions


No matter how the market changes, our team at MSN Packaging Inc. is here to help. We provide customizable state-compliant and child-resistant packaging that allows your product and branding to shine. These include sustainable packaging options for consumers who prefer more eco-friendly materials.


Reach out today and explore our various options so you can take advantage of all the latest trends, insights, and developments happening around the industry. We are living in an incredible time to be a part of marijuana growth and use across the USA, and this is the perfect opportunity to brand, market, and produce items for the growing population of cannabis lovers. Here’s to a fantastic year in 2024!


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