What is the Difference Between HHC and Delta 8 for the Medical use of Cannabinoids?


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What is the Difference Between HHC and Delta 8 for the Medical use of Cannabinoids? 


There is a common sight found in recreational and medical dispensaries all over the United States. A new consumer walks into the store, having never tried or dealt with any cannabis-related products before, only to immediately turn back around because they are overwhelmed. If they have a buddy there to help guide them through the different options and types of marijuana available, then they will stay. Otherwise, the taboo nature of the industry and complete lack of exposure keeps them away.


For that reason, we at MSN Packaging Inc. wanted to make sure we help out all those still new to this growing industry with some basic information bout HHC and Delta 8. These are two hemp-derived cannabinoids that are changing the way everyone thinks about hemp as a product base.


What is HHC?

HHC is a medical cannabinoid that stands for hexahydrocannabinol. That is a fancy word for a strain of hemp-based cannabis with a more stable THC due to heat resistance and longer life under UV radiation.


At their core, cannabinoids cause a chemical reaction in the body by attaching to the receptors. However, many normal THC products do not result in a full effect of this attachment, even when in high doses. HHC is different because it is absorbed better, resulting in a smoother, longer-lasting effect.


The problem is that HHC is a minor cannabinoid, and the extraction process is very cost-prohibitive. The overall commercial production of HHC is just starting to take root, so you may not find that many products outside of vape cartridges for a little while.


What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC naturally occurs in hemp and other cannabis plants. It is somewhat similar to the compounds in marijuana that result in some psychoactive effects. That is also why you tend to find more available in the marketplace, because it offers that effect people enjoy - being “high.”


The other reason you find Delta 8 is because it is more cost-effective to produce. That is why you can find many dispensaries with gummies, candies, oils, tinctures, drinks, and more containing Delta 8.


What is the Difference Between Them?

HHC is more naturally occurring and often harvested without the use of any other substances. However, Delta 8 tends to require some synthesized materials to bolster its desired effect, which can be harmful if you are purchasing a product from a location, dispensary, or supplier with a bad reputation.


The general rule of thumb is the more homegrown and transparent the dispensary is about how they make and source their marijuana and cannabis products, the better. This industry lends itself well to the co-op farmer market style sources. You want to walk in that store and see photos of the local farms where the plants are coming from. When too many chemicals are used, you risk some unwanted health effects.


Which is Better?

The strict scientific data is still being researched, but you can generally expect many health benefits from both HHC and Delta 8 cannabis products. Delta 8 is designed more for calming any nausea you may be feeling, especially for those going through cancer treatments. It also increases your appetite and provides pain relief so you can get the essential nutrients needed to build up your strength.


HHC is better for chronic pain and helping you sleep. It has an umbrella calming effect over the mind and body, giving you much-needed relaxation during high-stress situations or medical treatments.


Which will be better for your personal use is going to depend on your individual circumstance. That is why having a buddy go with you to a dispensary is a big help. Most of these high-quality locations will happily walk you through what can better manage your pain, stress, or nausea.


Wrapping it Up

We hope this has provided you with a bunch of information and detail about two of the more common cannabinoids available on the market. As a specialist company offering custom-made and child-resistant packaging to marijuana and cannabis products, we want to do everything we can to help normalize using marijuana for medical and recreational use.


Be sure to check back often as we post new updates and information so you can get the products you love and enjoy the healthy benefits of the cannabis lifestyle.

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