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Adding QR Codes to Your Cannabis Custom Branded Packaging


The next time you pick up your favorite candy bar or soda, look on the side of the product. You might see a square black-and-white collection of pixels that looks more like an old Atari game console than a barcode. That is a QR code.


The more customers move to a mobile-ready marketplace focused on instantaneous information, the greater the reliance on QR codes. At MSN Packaging Inc., we are always working hard to stay on the cutting edge of tech-related solutions that boost your marketing and target client experience. That’s why we are championing the integration of QR codes in custom-branded packaging for your cannabis products.


So, let’s go over why this nifty tool is helpful for your business and how it is revolutionizing the marijuana packaging game.


What is a QR Code?


QR Codes stand for “Quick Response” codes. These are 2D barcodes in an array of tiny black and white squares or pixels. They appear in a grid-like pattern that makes it easy for relationship information to be stored.


They were invented in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave. The whole idea was to make the inventory of their cars more accessible to track. That is probably why you may have first seen these little codes on rental cars in the U.S.


Little by little QR code adoption grew. Then, the global pandemic came, and rapid integration occurred. Businesses realized a great “no touch” solution to everything from restaurant menus to additional product information could be achieved with smartphones scanning a QR code. That is why you need QR codes for cannabis packaging to provide essential info to your target audience that improves the overall experience.


What are the Benefits of Adding a QR Code?


QR codes, especially in the cannabis sector, bridge the gap between digital and physical contact with your products. Let’s face it: there are plenty of users still new to the marijuana field and want all the info you can supply. 


Here are a few of the ways using a QR code can boost your cannabis business. 


1 – Directly Link to Your Target Landing Page

Through a simple scan, guide consumers to your website, product page, or any specific landing page. This seamless integration heightens the buying experience and facilitates swift purchasing decisions.


That includes using private landing pages that are outside your online website’s navigation. For example, if you have a contest running or specific information about how to best use your cannabis products for newbies (like a YouTube video or set of instructions).


2 – Offer Strain & Product Info

Equip your customers with thorough knowledge. A scan can bring forth detailed information about a particular cannabis strain or product, ensuring that consumers are well-informed.


A lot of buyers appreciate knowing the particulars of any Indica, Sativa, or Hybrids you’re using. They also want to see the THC or CBD content values and any charts, graphs, or notes about organic farming you can offer. Having so much info on your packaging will take away from the marketability. 


Instead, use a QR code to link to this info so your customers can look it up from home, in the store, or after making a purchase. 


3 – Support Sustainable Packaging

By reducing the need for physical printed materials like manuals or brochures, you can cut down waste, reiterating the importance of child-resistant packaging and eco-friendliness.


QR codes don’t cost anything in physical resources. While there are some free online resources for generating a QR code, it can be a little confusing, and you will need to place it expertly on your packaging. That is why you should contact our professional team. We have worked in the cannabis industry for decades and know where to place a fully vetted QR code best, so you get peace of mind. 


Don’t forget that over 60% of consumers prefer to shop for a product aligned with sustainability, and QR codes help that effort. 


4 – Showcase Latest Lab Tests

Transparency is crucial in the cannabis industry. Through QR codes, businesses can provide instantaneous access to their latest lab test results, underscoring product safety and quality.


Customers want this info to get a little reassurance that what they are consuming is safe compared to modern standards. However, you can also use these test results for compliance. Many states have specific strains and percentages of compounds that you can and cannot use. Having a quick resource available through a QR code on your cannabis packaging saves you a ton of hassle. 


5 – Get Quality Feedback from Surveys and UGC

Feedback is invaluable. QR codes can direct users to surveys or platforms where they can upload user-generated content, providing companies with insights and genuine testimonials.


This is the same for social media. Your QR code can link to a single page that lists your TikTok channel, YouTube videos, Facebook Profile, and Instagram photos. You can build your entire branding empire with a simple QR code on your packaging. 


6 – Increase Customer Engagement & Brand Loyalty

Through interactive content, challenges, or exclusive offers available via QR scans, businesses can bolster customer engagement and foster brand loyalty. 


Say you’re running a promotion for the holiday season. Having your QR code point to upcoming discounts on 420 goes a long way to boosting your potential sales down the road. 


7 – Promotes a Clear CTA

Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, availing a discount, or learning more about a product, QR codes can provide a straightforward call-to-action, eliminating guesswork.


You want to enhance your customer experience and shopping journey from the moment they interact with your brand to making a purchase. Maybe use a QR code to suggest the top 5 products you sell, upsells for specific strains, or even accessories like snacks, pillows, and cannabis-friendly travel (through partnerships you gain a financial incentive with of course). 


8 – Affiliate and VIP Programs

Businesses can incentivize repeat purchases by offering exclusive sneak peeks or discounts on future launches. At the end of the day, your cannabis-related business is just that – a business. You want to find ways to boost sales and build customer loyalty. 


Having an exclusive VIP program attached to your QR code sign-up or using different QR codes linked to affiliate programs helps boost your marketing reach and potential collaborations. 


Wrapping Up


In today's digital age, the blend of tangible packaging with the virtual world through QR codes is a transformative strategy for the cannabis industry. MSN Packaging Inc. doesn't just offer top-notch custom-branded packaging. We're your partners in leveraging QR codes to maximize brand outreach and consumer experience.


From offering technical stats or reassurance your child-resistant packaging meets state standards, we can attach any information you need associated with your products. Give us a call today, and let’s integrate easy-to-use and mobile-friendly QR codes into your customized cannabis packaging. 



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