What's So Special About 420? What is it?

What's So Special About 420? What is it?

Many marijuana smokers and non-smokers recognize cannabis culture celebration day - 420. April 20 or 420 is the day and time of the year when thousands of Americans come to celebrate a drug that stays illegal in most parts of the US. But only a few knew why this day is celebrated and why this date is chosen.

Some claim it is code among police officers, and some say it is drawn from the California criminal codes claims. Not only this, some give the nod to Bob Dylan's song, "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35," and its lyrics because 12 multiplied by 35 equals 420.

But, to put it bluntly, those rumors do not seem to be true. So, what exactly is the history behind this marijuana lovers' celebration day and its 420 monikers?

The Origin of 420 & Why it is on April 20

The guide below is a relief for those who wonder why marijuana enthusiasts have chosen this particular day to celebrate cannabis and drug consumption. Here is the possible explanation answering why cannabis consumption is marked on 420 and how cannabis edible packaging businesses use the day to elevate their conversion rates. 

The simple reality behind the holiday of 420 is a ritual started by a group of high school Californian teenagers named 'the Waldos' in the 1970s when they used to smoke marijuana every day at 4:20 pm. Gradually, the practice gained much popularity and became the original code for smoking weed. With time, pot smokers converted 420 for calendar purposes, and hence the tradition continued and gained familiarity among the masses on a vast scale. 

Why is this 'Weed Day' Celebrated?

Regardless of the origins of the 420 theory, cannabis lovers believe this day is a natural holiday. Also, business owners like us offering cannabis edible packaging use it to gain more sales for their products.

Perhaps the most famous celebrations of 420 happen in Denver, Colorado, at Civic Center Park and the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Moreover, cannabis lovers in Northern California assemble on "Hippie Hill" in Golden Gate Park or Dolores Park to celebrate this day. 

Furthermore, Canada is a popular place to celebrate. Smokers congregate around the Mount Royal Monument in Montreal and Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Know-How Marijuana Legalization is Changing How People Perceive 420

Pot smokers worldwide who are focused on getting marijuana legalized are the main reason why cannabis festivities are becoming more mainstream and commercialized. Conclusively, marijuana businesses and cannabis edible packaging owners like ours are utilizing the holiday to promote and sell the products in the market. 

As many states have legalized marijuana, people celebrate the holiday varies depending on their perspective. Some celebrate it to push for legalization, and others want to get high and have fun. 

While earlier in the 1970s was part of a minor counterculture movement that unfolded marijuana as a symbol to protest against broader systemic problems in the US. But, now, marijuana legalization activists are using it to frame their political agenda. Today, cannabis lovers are using the battle for legal marijuana to represent the continuing fight for freedom from economic slavery for criticized members of our country. 

Businesses offering cannabis or other marijuana edible packaging are using the movement to bring investment into the marijuana industry.

Evolution of Marijuana From a Counterculture Symbol to a Commercial Event

Since big businesses offering cannabis edible packaging and other products have begun to grow, sell, and market pot and slowly turned the 420 ritual into a commercial event, marijuana is losing its status as a counterculture symbol. Many companies also confirm that the 420 holiday is an opportunity to promote the industry and its products. 

Also, the media covering the 420 story as consumer interest and the pot industry getting involved in these events could end the traditional, countercultural 420. 

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