When Dairy Meets Cannabis: A Promising New Market Blend

When Dairy Meets Cannabis: A Promising New Market Blend

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When Dairy Meets Cannabis: A Promising New Market Blend


Imagine unwinding after a long day with a cold scoop of THC-infused ice cream or starting your day with a fresh glass of CBD-infused milk. Sounds too futuristic? What if we told you this is not only a dream but a new gold standard? 


The future of dairy is here, and it's infused with cannabis. Animal-made dairy products are experiencing an all-time low due to the public perception of animal abuse and mass production. That leaves a wide opening for plant-based products to flood the market and revolutionize how we consume dairy. 


From THC-laden milk to CBD-boosted ice cream, the world of dairy is evolving rapidly to meet new consumer demands. Any retailer, supplier, grower, or dispensary wanting to stay on the cutting edge of cannabis products needs to take a close look at dairy as a potential new avenue. 


How Cannabinoids is Transforming Dairy Products


Cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, are known for their fat solubility. This makes them a perfect pair for dairy products, as they are readily absorbed into fatty substances such as milk, cream, and butter. Dairy products provide a tasty and effective medium for cannabinoid consumption, allowing consumers to enjoy the potential benefits of cannabis in a familiar and palatable form.


The development of cannabis-infused dairy products is not a simple process, however. It requires careful attention to safety regulations, rigorous product testing, and the innovative use of state-compliant packaging. 


Ensuring the safe consumption of these products for adults is a high priority, especially when it comes to products like ice cream which may also appeal to children. This is where child-resistant packaging and cold-storage cannabis packaging become crucial in ensuring product safety. You wouldn’t want your kiddo to escape downstairs in the middle of the night for a scoop of chocolate chip from your secret stash. No matter what new products in the cannabis industry are introduced, we always want to practice “safe use” when it comes to kids. 


The primary reason for this is that cannabis dairy is not restricted to one product. New businesses are cropping up all the time interested in: 


  • Cannabutter: a versatile cannabis-infused dairy product that can replace regular butter in any recipe. Thanks to the fat-soluble nature of cannabinoids, they blend seamlessly into butter's fatty composition, making cannabutter an effective and tasty way to ingest cannabis.
  • Cannabis Milk: "Cannamilk," is another intriguing product in this budding market. Like cannabutter, the fat in milk helps absorb the cannabinoids, ensuring you receive the benefits with every sip. 
  • Cannabis Ice Cream: The future of desserts looks even brighter with cannabis ice cream. Companies like MariMed and Emack & Bolio’s are working on creating a line of cannabis-infused ice creams in outrageous flavors. 
  • Cannabis Cheese: Imagine a cheese platter with cannabis-infused cheeses. The rich, creamy texture of cheese pairs well with the herbal notes of cannabis, making it a likely candidate for cannabinoid infusion.
  • Cannabis Yogurt: Cannabis yogurt might soon join the ranks of your supermarket's probiotic-rich, health-focused offerings. Yogurt's health attributes could be further reinforced by the added benefits of CBD, making it an appealing option for the health-conscious consumer.


An Exciting New Milk-Based World


The dairy industry has been eyeing the green rush for some time. Even the Vermont ice cream behemoth Ben & Jerry's has announced diving into the new CBD products. They are putting extreme pressure on federal regulators to loosen hemp, CBD, and THC derived products for the market.


The dairy industry is happy to get in bed with CBD and THC. One reason could be the growing interest in plant-based alternatives. In 2021, plant-based milk sales grew by 4%, contributing to a total category value of $2.6 billion


Meanwhile, animal-based milk saw a decline in sales. As consumers continue to explore plant-based and unique product offerings, it's likely that the dairy industry will continue to innovate and expand its product range.


Looking Closer at Cannabis Milk Products


Cannabis-infused milk, more commonly known in the marijuana aficionados online websites as "cannamilk," is arguably one of the most searched and produced cannabis recipes globally. Not surprising, given the simple yet transformative effect it can have on your favorite breakfast cereal or coffee.


So, what's the scoop with cannamilk? The nutritional profile of cannamilk largely depends on the type of milk used as a base in the recipe. Whole milk offers a rich and creamy option, while a lighter choice might include 2% or skim milk. In most cases, you would want the thicker whole milk as that carries the positive effects of cannabis more than thinner water infusions of milk.


However, it's not just about the nutritional aspects. What makes cannamilk unique is its potential therapeutic benefits, including relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, among others. 


There is even interesting research on cows consuming hemp feed. When this was tested out, scientists found dairy cows produced milk containing psychoactive THC as well as CBD and other cannabinoids. That means the process of infusing cannabis into dairy products might not require as many steps as initially thought. There is still a lot to figure out in this aspect, including the health of the cows, but it is an exciting field. 


In the meantime, homemade recipes for all kinds of cannabis dairy products are easily found online. That is fueling the industry to capture market share and leverage these recipes to craft new products for those who don’t have the time or want to deal with the kitchen mess of creating their own THC cheese, CBD ice cream, or cannabis butter. 


Consumer Perception: Intrigue vs Concern


Though the curiosity surrounding CBD and THC-infused dairy products is palpable, it's equally met with caution. Only a quarter of US consumers deem food and drink products containing CBD as safe, and a mere fifth consider them trustworthy. It implies that consumers desire to understand more about CBD’s safety, effectiveness, and overall impact on health.


Hence, to navigate this exciting yet intricate domain, regulatory compliance becomes indispensable. As cannabis in the food and beverage sector projects a significant growth of 15.2% compound annual growth rate between 2021-2026, safety and compliance must remain at the forefront of this growing market.


The fact is that the dairy industry is taking a hit. Public perception is shifting from animal-based dairy to plant-derived alternatives. This hit an all-time awareness during the 2020 Academy Awards when Joaquin Phoenix won best actor for Joker. During that speech, he said: “We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow, and when she gives birth, we steal her baby. We take her milk that's intended for her calf, and we put it in our coffee and our cereal.” 


Kind of summarizes why plant-based alternatives are becoming so popular and why many dairy producers are asking almond milk, CBD butter, and similar items to be classified as “not dairy.” 


Compliant Packaging: The Guardian Angel


How can the dairy industry guarantee safe and compliant access to cannabis-infused products? The answer lies in the implementation of child-resistant packaging and state-compliant packaging. Here, at MSN Packaging, we prioritize not only the quality and effectiveness of packaging but also the safety of the end consumer.


Our expertise extends to providing state-compliant packaging that meets all regulatory requirements. We are also equipped to handle the unique needs of cold storage cannabis packaging, ensuring that your dairy products maintain their quality and freshness.


The market is ripe for exploration for dairy producers looking to venture into cannabis-infusion. But remember, you'll need to ensure your packaging meets state regulations and is child-resistant, especially if you plan on creating child-resistant ice cream containers.


As the market for cannabis-infused dairy products expands, consumers will eagerly anticipate the diverse range of new, exciting products. It's not a question of "if" but "when" this market will fully bloom. In the meantime, we'll be right here, helping you navigate the exciting road ahead!


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