Why Everyone Should use Biodegradable Marijuana Packaging

Why Everyone Should use Biodegradable Marijuana Packaging

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Why Everyone Should use Biodegradable Marijuana Packaging


With the legal sale of marijuana products expected to reach $22 billion by the end of 2022, it only makes sense that competition is high for consumer reach. Dispensaries and brands are embracing the same tricks and tips that companies from other industries are gravitating towards to keep up with the modern consumer.


The difference is that many who purchase marijuana products are a bit more eco-friendly. Over half of the global population has become more interested in products featuring environmentally sourced ingredients or green packaging. As younger generations begin leveraging their purchasing power, they will want products and brands aligned with their personal beliefs, including sustainable packaging.


How does Sustainable Packaging Help?

Cannabis products lean even more towards eco-friendly methods because these consumers understand the value of natural ingredients in improving their health. There is an intrinsic mental correlation between plants and better quality of life.


Besides the obvious benefit to consumers, businesses benefit from:


A Reduced Carbon Footprint

The more sustainable packing used for your marijuana products, the less waste you create. This lowers the overall carbon footprint of your business and helps contribute to reducing the effects of global warming. Consumers like to shop from brands that are aware of and actively combating climate change.


Safer for Children

Packaging companies like MSN Packing Inc. tend to have the capability to introduce child safety features in their eco-friendly products. That is because they are already working with machinery and source materials that can be highly customized. So adding a feature that ensures your kiddo cannot get into your gummies is not that hard for a company like this.


Better for Oceans and Waterways

Sustainable packaging tends to use recycled or biodegradable materials. This reduces the amount of plastic being dropped into the ocean from littering or poor dumping practices. Even if some of this packaging takes a little while to fully biodegrade, it is still significantly better than creating an island of plastic from the trash in the middle of the ocean.


Higher Accountability & Brand Awareness

When you introduce biodegradable packaging into your product line, you show the world that you care about your business's quality and eco-friendly practice. Consumers will then begin to associate this dedication with your brand and increase their positive emotional response, viewing you through the lens of a socially responsible provider.


Lowered Operational Costs

Plastic and other bulky packaging methods tend to involve hidden fees and disposal costs that can sneak up on a small business. Hemp and other biodegradable packaging tend to lean towards minimalism at every turn. This means packaging weighs less and therefore costs less to ship. It might seem small to shave off 0.1g off of a package, but when you are shipping an entire pallet, that can translate to significant savings.


Industry Alignment

Open any cannabis magazine or visit the old school dispensaries in California and Colorado, and you will immediately notice the emphasis on everything being natural and eco-friendly. Having packaging that supports this lifestyle and movement makes your brand way more aligned with industry standards. That translates into better marketing and higher customer engagement.


Where to Find Biodegradable Quality Packaging

When you decide to transition from bulky and expensive plastic packaging to the more eco-friendly biodegradable packaging options, check out our line of products at MSN Packaging Inc. 


We provide incredible solutions for everything from edibles to drink containers. We can ensure you get the many benefits of an eco-friendly brand as well as the safety reputation for child-resistant packaging.


Give us a call or visit our store online today. Our professional support team is always willing to answer your questions about how we can transform an essential part of your business operations with custom-made biodegradable packing for cannabis products.

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