Women In Cannabis And The Products They Influence

Cannabis Industry

Women in the lead? Well, yeah. Nowadays, women are beating the social inequality in all industries. So, why not in the Cannabis industry? According to a national poll conducted by Quinnipiac University in 2019, sixty-one percent of the women respondents supported marijuana legalization. The importance of these numbers lies in the fact that in 2012, this number was only around forty-one percent. This whopping increase is attributed to the exponential growth in the interest shown by women in Marijuana products. Be it in the marijuana edible packaging business or simply as a customer, there are many ways how women are revolutionizing the cannabis industry. 

If you are a woman or even a man who uses cannabis for recreational purposes and wants to explore this thriving industry, the next couple of minutes will be exciting.

Women Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry isn’t untouched by the demands for fair representation of women in businesses and the workforce. And the women have responded with grit and courage and built a place for themselves. According to Marijuana Business Daily, the number of women executives in the cannabis or the Marijuana industry stands at twenty-seven percent. Although still very less when compared to the absolute numbers, it is slightly better when compared to the nationwide average for all industries, which is only twenty-three percent. 

Many women have started marijuana edible packaging firms and edible stores and run successful marijuana magazines exclusively for women. Patricia Rosi is one such name in the industry. They are the CEO of Wellness Connection of Maine which runs dispensaries described by their website as a combination of wellness practice, a community center, and a pharmacy.  

Another famous name is Nancy Whiteman, who runs Wana Brands. It sells cannabis edibles. The name has become quite popular among budding female entrepreneurs and also women customers. 

Women as Customers in the Cannabis Industry 

Let’s get back to the sixty-one percent of women who support Marijuana Legalization. Wonder what this number means for the cannabis business? Well, if you are someone who knows a thing or two about marketing, you would understand the enormous potential it has for cannabis-related companies. They tune their products according to the needs of women or make exclusively tailored products for women. 

Either marijuana edible packaging or even your company logo; everything makes a difference. The colors you use on the packaging, the texts, the designs, and the shape of your packets are only some things that can make women like your product. Ever heard of targeted marketing? It’s time to use it. 

Color- It’s time you get rid of the stereotype that women love the color pink. While some women might, surveys found that most prefer colors like blue, green, red, and purple. Thus it would help if you used these colors more. 

Shape- Just like colors, women also have a specific taste for the shape of the packaging. They prefer curved and smooth packaging as it is much easier to handle. 

Text- Try to minimize the use of text in your packaging. Women like to keep it simple and expect the same in their products. 

Get Gummy Bear Edible Packaging for Your Cannabis Products 

Are you into the cannabis business? If yes, you must know how efficient packaging designs can help you attract customers. And if you want to make it attractive for women, the ideas mentioned above will be of great help. They will help you customize your cannabis packaging for women according to their tastes and preferences.

If you are looking for someone, who can help you in this, consider reaching out to MSN Packaging Inc. We provide gummy edible packaging and other customizable options to make your business stand out. We also offer child-resistant packaging options if you use cannabis for recreational purposes. Reach out to us to find out more.

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