1Nt-Cannabis Infused Soda Custom Printed Aluminum Cans

1Nt-Cannabis Infused Soda Custom Printed Aluminum Cans
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Our Cannabis cans come in many sizes and are available for customizing.  Let us help your brand stand out.  

We are a specialized supplier of empty aluminum cans with many other options for printing.  Child Resistant Lids are available. 

Can full size: 187/250/330/355/473/500/550/1000ml 

Internal Coating Brand  : Akzo Nobel / PPG / Valspar

Used for: Coke, Beer, Hard cider, Wine drink, Vodka drink, Sprite, Energy drink.

Can Volume:  355ml

Size: Child Resistant lids size is 53mm

  • 355ml Sleek  - D53mm/155mm
  • other sizes by request
  •  Material: Aluminum allows 3104 Temper: H19
  • Coil Thickness: 0.270+/- 0.005m
  • Internal Coating: Water-based Modified epoxy resin or BPANI
  • External Coating: Decorated + Clear Varish+BRC


  Other sizes available upon request



CR Tamper Evident plastic lid covers are available for 53mm/ 202 end only. 


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