C Cell Ceramic Tip Vaporizer Glass Cartridge Refillable 100 count

SKU: 43541-100-MJP-1

These Ceramic Vaporizer Cartridge with high quality glass is perfect for your 2mm Hole vape pen cartridge replacement with no lack of efficiency and quality. The Ceramic cartridge tip is designed for your maximum flavor preservation. The refilleable cartridge is an ideal product to insure the optimum use and preserve all the flavor.  Measuring at .05ml, the cartridge offers a 2mm oil hole. 


  • Size: 0.5ml , 1.0ml
  • 100 units per order
  • Oil hole - 1.5/2mm
  • 2 Part cartridge
  • Ceramic tip
  • Mouthpiece included
  • Refill cartridge
  • Color: White or Black

This product can take up to 60 days to get from manufacture so make sure you place your orders timely!

Customer color tops are available , Contact us for a quote



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