Launching a New Product are you Ready?

Launching a New Product are you Ready?

Launch day and why it is important to add more Planning! 

Don’t forget to plan your Custom Branded Packaging.

Did you miss your launch date with the Custom Printing Packaging you wanted?  Now, what do you do, keep it, are you stuck with just an ok container?  No, it is not uncommon for a brand to start and launch a product without completing the full design.  Small quantities are not cost-effective and with growth, your packaging needs will change. Large quantities are the only way to save money by going direct with Custom Child Resistant Packaging. Improving your brand is never a bad thing, especially when it saves you money.  The problem with Child Resistant Packaging is no flare, no style, boring! So planning is important to stand out, especially as the industry is adding more and more options to choose from.

2023 420 Launch

Starting now is a must.  If you are planning on saving money by starting early,  well now is the early.  Do not wait until January , in order to make it by 420 next year you will need to get your order started by mid November to ship out before the Chinese New Year and festival factory shutdowns. Most factories will rotate days off but everything slows at the shipping.  There is a small window in January to ship out to receive your products in March. Contact MSN Packaging Inc.  today to help get it started and make sure you take advantage of all the possible cost savings you can. 

 Saving with Large Quantities.

The only way to save in your packaging is to Plan way in advance.  Start with packaging, you already know you are going to grow next year.  Why not have your Marketing department start right away?  When launching a new brand or product, get quotes earlier, and add the numbers for MQO(minimum quantity Orders) to your budget for the new item so you can save.  Most Child Resistant Packaging Manufacturers are not located in The United States and I do not think it ever will.  Wages are not going to allow the cost of making the child-resistant because of its delicate hands-on assembly and testing for the quality of its requirements, like sustainable packaging for vape cartridges.   I know we don’t like to hear it but the USA is a Hospitality country not a manufacturer of small items like Cosmetic Glass or Child Resistant Packaging.


Whom to hire?

We suggest you hire a liaison company that can talk directly to the Child Resistant Manufactures.  Child Resistant Packaging is very limited and mostly made overseas. Mexico is getting into the game, but they have very few companies working in the Child Resistant Packaging field and they have higher prices. MSN Packaging Inc. can do the research for you.  If you have an idea or product you cannot find we are here to help.   Most Child Resistant Packaging Manufactures have a  17-hour difference in store hours but we have staff to work with them for you. The frustration with working with China or other countries is it can take a long time to get responses, communication is not easy and there are many scammers out there. MSN Packaging Inc. is one of the top Liaison companies in the states.  “We take the time you don’t have to”. Taking pride in our prompt customer service. 



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